ON OCTOBER 23, 1998 AT 12:54 PM


“I am Saint Matthew.

Mankind at ‘this time’ has been gifted with a privilege beyond what mankind understands the Greatness of.

Today as I speak, I use a small voice, but an obedient child.  Obedience is the basis for truth, honor, dignity, purpose, and it establishes a strong understanding of values that are important to sound moral values and sound moral standards of others who read the Words, or who participate in the action in which the Words speak about.

Mankind has been handed a Blessing of Profound Love, and yet All that is spoken is simple to understand, especially when those who write the Words, or who will read the Words at a later time, value human life in the full context in which it was created.

The Commandments handed to Moses a long time ago, have in many ways been made concise so that mankind can remember Them, but it is important that the full meaning of each Commandment be researched logically, intelligently, for the Content to reveal the sound reality of purity of the mind, of the body, for the Soul.

Children are not being instructed on the importance of purity in speech, actions, personal behavior, and of course, in their association with others.  There are so many men, women and children throughout the world basically ignoring The Commandments that were handed to mankind, as The Rules for human life to live by, to be guided by, assuring sound morals, sound values, for the benefit of one’s Soul.

We hear individuals want a description of the Soul so they can believe in a more positive way regarding the Purpose for which they were created.  Spiritual Faith has logic to it, in it, and it should always be addressed as being a Gift of Divine Love.

Mankind must be cautious at this time, because there are so many heretical views, practices, and individual human beings who stress their own beliefs, their own interpretations of what is proper in life, what is reasonable for mankind to fulfill, many thus ignoring that without the Foundation as the sound reasoning for behavior, liberalism can be an ugly enemy to the mind, to the body, and to the Soul of those who cater to humanism, rather than to sound values regarding the importance of purity in all they say, they do, they practice, they are responsible for, they are example of.

So Many of Us, when We speak through This Gift of The Father’s Love, try to present the Importance of what human life was created for, the Beauty in which it was intended to be a part of, because within each human life The Creator has a Portion of Divine Love, placed at the moment of each human conception.  Reality is obvious because of what human life stands for, and in so many ways shows evidence of being different than all other living matter.

As I speak today, I speak with a deep Love based on The Father’s Love, because mankind, in so many ways, is resisting the importance of human practices and are succumbing to immoral values, immoral views and immoral conceptions on all issues in daily life, in the home, in the workplace, in social practices.

Today as I speak, mankind must be aware that monetary values to some individuals, supersede dignity of the human mind, the human body, the human practices.  There are so many ways for mankind to fully understand what a Great Love mankind is the recipient of when a human life is created, because in this creation there is a Supreme Gift, and a Supreme Goal for every individual to one day reach.

So Many of Us Saints shorten Our Talks through the written Word, so that mankind is more able to absorb What is spoken, and to be able to live by the Directions that encourage each one to seek Sainthood, and ignore all the temptations that obviously please only the enemy of God and man.  So be it.”

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