ON DECEMBER 10, 1999 AT 1:14 PM


“I am Saint Michael The Archangel.  It is important that all races, colors, creeds of human life be aware of the Importance of human life, because it is a Special Creation of Divine Love.

Though it is difficult in many ways for all ages of life to understand the full, True Commandments The Father gave to Moses a long time ago, it is important that every man, woman and child learn The Commandments in Their entirety, not just in Their abbreviated form.  Children are not being instructed on the necessity to know, to follow The Commandments that were given a long time ago.

As I speak, I speak through The Father’s Will, for He requested Me to speak at this time on this subject matter that is so important for the Souls of millions upon millions upon millions of human beings that are present at this time, and those who are yet to be born of human flesh.

The world, in many ways, finds it difficult to follow The Rules of The Creator, and yet, the rules made by man are punishable by law if they are not followed in the degree acceptable to human beings.  The Father’s Rules cover every issue, every intention, every facet of human life.

Today as I speak These Words, it is important for All that has been written before this time, through This Gift of The Father’s Love, be spread throughout the world, no matter what country, no matter what language is spoken, because there is not one human being born at this time, or in the future, that does not need What The Father has allowed to be delivered through one voice, one body, one Soul, one obedient child.

It is easy for man to criticize, it is easy for man to reject, it is easy for the human mind to replace what is right, what is sound, what is good, what is moral, with their formula, because of the way they live, how they think, and of course, their own basic moral views, practices, intentions, oftentimes ignoring totally the Goal for which human life was created.  Human life innately reaches for goals, accomplishments, approval, success; then, is it not a pattern imbedded in human life, instilled in human life, rather than just a situation that human life designed itself?

As I leave you today, I desire you to all become ‘Saints’, and those who will read the Words hereafter to not just desire to become ‘a Saint’, but to work for It, rejecting all obstacles, all impurities, and abiding by The Laws The Father gave, The Rules, The Commandments, because in These Commandments there is a Goal for the Soul that nothing else can give, to encourage all ages, all degrees of intelligence, the true picture, the reality that human life was created to attain a Gift beyond what any other creation is capable of achieving.

Remember as you write These Words, and those who will read These Words, make ‘Sainthood your Goal’.  So be it.”

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