ON JULY 7, 1998 AT 1:10 PM


“I am Moses.

I oftentimes hear My Name regarding the recorded time that mankind has on My life.  Mankind looks at the Name, and immediately connects it to the most important part of My life, and that, of course, was when The Father delivered to Me in full Content, Concept, His Commandments that all of mankind, from that point on, was to understand coming from The Creator, directing mankind to the Importance of human life, and that the will of human life had many responsibilities, the most important of course, living life as man, using one’s conscience and ability to make decisions in the right manner, for the right reason, for the sake of his or her Soul.

Mankind tries to ignore that ‘Inner Being’ that is a Portion of Him, because they do not feel It; BUT they do feel It.  It is the innate knowledge instilled into mankind that human life has a Purpose, a Goal, and an Inner Closeness to The Creator that nothing else created has, this Connecting Link, this Gift of Divine Love, this Portion of human life that will be Judged on all that an individual is, in which this Gift of Divine Love was placed.

It is important for mankind to understand and stop ignoring that human life has been gifted with a Special, Personal Part of The Creator, and It must be protected beyond all human weaknesses.

As I speak through one voice, it is important for mankind to know, to understand, to be fully aware that every thought, every word, every association in human life in which an individual must take action, or must speak openly, secretly, personally to someone else, or to several others, his or her Soul is the recipient of the subject matter’s importance, but also the purity of the subject matter, because of the individual’s Soul that is the recipient of all an individual thinks, speaks, partakes in, develops, encourages, and many other human actions that an individual feels bound to, or feels he or she wants to act out, act on, act in, act for, act with.

It is sad when We hear rejection of so much Dialogue through This Gift of The Father’s Love, in the Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit of The Father, ‘Saint Joseph’.  Mankind must wake up to the Importance of human life, and think that instinctively man wants to be important in life, so mankind must stop ignoring the Most Important Part of human life, the Soul, That Portion of The Creator that is the recipient of all thoughts, words, deeds, actions, goals, that an individual is capable of.  So be it.”

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