ON JANUARY 27, 2000 AT 2:30 PM


“I am Moses.

Throughout time, human life has been fully aware of the importance of a moral code of ethics versus an immoral code of ethics.

In the beginning of Christianity, The Son of The Father stood upon the earth in the human form, as Example, as Direction, as Hope, so that others would learn about the importance of human actions and human abilities, plus human dignities that were perhaps not just normal, but necessary.

Love for The Divine did not register quickly in many minds, but at the Birth of The Son of The Creator, mankind became aware of a Higher Being, the True Existence that there was a Divine.  At this time in which you live, there are numerous evidences that many, many, many, many men, women and children do not recognize the True Existence of a Creator and All that surrounds The Creator as Ultimate in Purpose, Cause, Reason and Reality.

As We Saints try in many ways to enlighten mankind of the importance of purity in the mind, in the body, because of the Soul each one is the custodian of, We find that indifference based on demonic measures is always evident, because the enemy causes interference that, to individuals, give excuses to not abide by The Commandments of The Creator.

As The Father down through time, since the beginning of time, has used human life, human lives, to be Example, to be Instructors, and to act morally sound, The Father at ‘this time’ has given to mankind an additional Gift of Divine Love, Words of Direction that cannot be dismissed as normal or personal to the individual through which They come.  I assure you It is strictly Guided, Guarded and Delivered by The Divine, just as it was at another Time.

The Gift of life is a Gift not always seen for the Greatness it is, but there is hope in it, there are Rules that guide it, and there is definitely a Divine Love instilled in it that no other living matter or thing has.

As I speak to you today, I beseech you:  look at what is pure, logical, understandable, and has a goal to it, and resist what is obviously more pleasing to what would be impure, unkind, unjust, totally different than what you can visualize The Kingdom of God to be.  So be it.”

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