ON APRIL 17, 2000 AT 12:53 PM


There are Three of Them:  Saint Peregrine, Saint Stanislaus, Saint Tobias.

“As We gather in conversation and request Our Conversation be put into script, the object of What We desire to say is to alert all ages of human life to look at why he or she was created and ask themselves, ‘Is it not logical that a creation of human life is, in many ways, totally different than all other living matter or things?’

This question, if ever, is rarely spoken, because so much is taken for granted in the human minds of millions of human beings.  The human mind has the ability to accept, to remember, reject or perceive a meaning in the Words to their own liking, or to their own ability to understand what is meant.

Let us take a prayer, ‘The Our Father’.  In every language that it is spoken, there is a chance that a word or two is changed, sometimes in its placement in the prayer, or in its definition, not always true, but evident many times under circumstances of heritage, of understanding the meaning of words, or sometimes the background of an individual and the behavioral practice in how they were raised to believe.

Spirituality is not complicated.  Spiritual growth is available, Spiritual direction can mean many things to many people.  Much depends upon who the teacher is or instructor is, or the in-depth manner of what is taught, plus the human ability of the one learning being able to perceive the logic, or the innate ability to understand the intention of the prayer for how they live, how they feel, how they associate with other human beings.

Prayer in itself is not complicated, but sometimes the individual saying a prayer does not say it with an earnestness or a dignity; they just use the words without understanding Who they are talking to.  Let us take, for instance, ‘The Our Father’.  Everyone reading These Notes should ask himself or herself: ‘Do I think of what I am saying?  Do I realize Who I am talking to?  Am I sincere in what I am speaking?’

The world at this time is in great chaos, as it has been many other times in the History of human life.  There are so many degrees of so-called ‘Faith in a Creator’, so many different types of understanding Who The Creator is; also, so little sincere attention to the Importance of human life in relationship to The Creator of All Things.  The benefits of sincere prayer are multiple, because one can relate it to talking about a very serious situation with another individual, possibly life-threatening situation, whereas in prayer it can be termed ‘a Soul-threatening’ situation.

Though it may be difficult for many so-called ‘learned’ people of all ages to accept how so many subjects have been covered in This Beautiful Gift of The Father’s Love, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, the time has come for all of human life to be grateful for This Gift, because in so many ways It has instructed in a calm way, the Importance of human life, and the Importance of the Soul that each one is the custodian of, because the Soul is a Portion of The Creator.  The evidence of this is that the human mind has the ability to learn many things, adapt to many situations that all other forms of life are incapable of.

Needless to say, hours could be spent on this subject, but as We All leave you today, remember We are always present wherever human life is.  The only difference is, you do not hear Us speak or you do not hear Us request you put into script a Lesson of Great Dimension, because of the Importance of your Soul.  So be it.”

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