ON AUGUST 16, 2000 AT 12:58 PM


“I am Moses.

All that has been delivered regarding The Commandments must pass throughout the world to all manner of life, all religions, yes; that is, all beliefs in what is pure, true, honest, sincere, just, important.

The world is ignoring The Commandments.  They have put Them in such a concise order, concise degree, that they do not see the importance of the indepthness of each one.  As time goes, They will be lessened even more if something is not done about this.

There are so many ways that mankind can use These Commandments every day of life, because These Commandments have such Great Value to every portion of human life, to how, why human life was created, and that there is a Supreme Power Above All Things that has given to human life a Reason, a Goal.

Today as I speak, I speak with deep concern for those who have not learned These Commandments in Their full meaning.  Oh, it is easy sometimes for individuals to seek conciseness for better memory, but this ignores the full concept, full meaning of what the Wording should read, mean, and be Direction for, of, in.

Today as I speak, I speak rapidly, but it is important that All that has been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Divine Love not be erased, not be set aside, but delivered to every race, color, and all practices of what some people preach as how they believe in a Supreme Power for many that do not understand the full Meaning of what a Supreme Power is all about.

But, as I speak today it is important that All that has been delivered, no exceptions, must be passed to everyone throughout the world.  Whether they agree to want It, to have It, that is not for you to decide.  Your decision is to see that It is handed out, delivered, irregardless of what an individual feels.  So be it.”

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