ON APRIL 1, 1997 AT 2:35 PM


“This Miracle is More Important to the whole world than mankind wants to believe and/or accept.  Why mankind is resisting It in such a violent manner and way is because mankind does not want to change all that is immoral to all that is moral.

If the subject of morality is brought up, few people of all ages, all degrees of intelligence, want to admit that a change is necessary and/or even beneficial in any way.  Many men, women, and even children declare that progress is based on change, and that the world needs everyone to comply to progress; of course, thus ignoring that human life has more to its Reason and Meaning than physical, mental or immoral pleasures.

The world of mankind is advancing in some areas, but also is returning to what Sodom and Gomorrah were guilty of, and that is total immorality in every phase of human behavior, thus ignoring the fact that human life is responsible for a Soul that each human conception is the custodian of and responsible for.

This Gift of The Father’s Love was given a Specific Title.  This Title bears the Name of The Holy Spirit of God, and man knows It as ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.

We hear much anger, jealousy, even hate where This Miracle is heard and/or spoken about.  Men in so-called ‘high Spiritual positions’ are jealous and do not really see their reaction as such.  These men should be using This Great Miracle to aid themselves and all their time with other men, women and children as the Example to express all that mankind is responsible for and to, because of the Precious Gift each one possesses, and that is their Soul.

More should be expounded on What human life is the custodian of, and no excuses should be acceptable for weaknesses.  So be it.”

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