ON MAY 5, 1999 AT 1:20 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.

There are so many stories written by different types of people on one subject.  Naturally, each one introduces their own opinions, their own likes or dislikes, their own reactions to what they understand the real subject matter to mean.

Today as I speak through one small voice, one small body, human in life, and chosen to work in Close Contact with All of Us, I smile at This Gift because I, too, at one time walked a similar Path, not exactly the same way as this little one was chosen to walk.

The world is saturated with diabolical satanism covered by interpretations of human origin, some totally denying the negativism, the despair, the injustices, and of course, the immorality.

Today as I speak, I speak with deep Love and deep concern, because the number of human beings, men, women and children, who deny the importance of The Commandments The Father gave, are victims, and are victimizing others by not just their indiscreetness, but their rejection of the importance of purity of the mind, the body, for the benefit of the Soul.

Little ones are not being instructed on the importance of truth, nor are they being instructed on why they were created, or the Goal for which they were created, or that each moment of daily life they are responsible for morally, mentally, physically, spiritually.  So little is being spoken about, in any form, on the Purpose for The Commandments of God.  Oh, people memorize Them, but it ends there.  Obedience to Them is not really thought about.

Today as I speak through one small voice, I speak with deep concern for all human life throughout the world.  Mankind has lost sight, interest, and Faith in what a Precious Gift human life is, because of the Soul that is a Portion of The Creator, making human life higher, more Important, than any other matter or thing created.

Though I speak firmly, I extend much Love to human beings throughout the world, because through My Words I want them to understand the Importance of being born as man, and never to forget it has a Goal; that is, to return to The Creator That Portion of Him, the Soul.  So be it.”

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