ON NOVEMBER 15, 2000 AT 12:48 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.  I am standing in a nursery where there are many children just beginning a way of life that brings them in contact with possibly thousands of other people.  I look at these children and I know within them they have a Soul, a Portion of The One Who created them.  I also know that This Portion of Divine Love will be responsible for everything the little one does throughout its life.

Maybe the word is not ‘responsible’; perhaps the word is ‘the victim’, ‘the recipient’.  Now, these two words do not cover everything, because there are so many words to cover all that a human being says, learns, practices, and uses morally, mentally, physically, spiritually.

The Father has given to the world a Precious Gift of Enlightenment, that in so many ways instructs in a simple form, so that What is spoken is easily understood, plus emphasizing to all human beings that within them they have a Portion of The Creator, called ‘the Soul’.

We hear some individuals complain, some even become adamant over the fact, or over some conversation they heard that every human being is born with a scar on It.  This, of course, pertains to ‘original sin’ on the Soul.  What I am about to say is very important.  This Fact was made obvious so that human life would be alert immediately to the fact that as each commitment is made, it should be looked at as:  is it right or wrong, pure or impure for the individual’s Soul?

Granted, thousands and thousands and thousands of Words could be spoken about the Importance of human life, the Purpose for it, the Goal for it, and Divine Love for it, because within human life there are so many Gifts of Divine Love; some are obvious, some are not:  the Gift of sight, the Gift of smell, the Gift of taste, the Gift to be able to say to others, ‘I love you,’ or many other important statements.  The list is endless.

It is important that All that has been delivered from so Many Here in the Heavens be passed throughout the world, so others who are not close to This Gift of Divine Love will have the ability to learn, and to understand what a Precious Gift human life is to the Creation of man.

So little is being instructed on the importance of purity of the mind, of the actions, of the words.  There are so many excuses that give credence, calling it ‘personality’, ‘nature’, and other human versions, when things are even to the point of being obscene, impure, unjust, and many other such words that fit different situations, predicaments, or personal vengeance even, which is sad for Me to say.

I will close My Words because I could continue on for hours, ending up pleading to more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is to man.

As I leave you, I ask you to remember:  Before you close your eyes tonight, and every other night, say a prayer asking for forgiveness for all you might have been example for that was not helpful to others, and also say a prayer that your Soul will be spared, allowing The Father to know that you are aware that the Soul is a Portion of Him, and that you care.  So be it.”

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