ON JANUARY 18, 2002 AT 1:06 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.

So Many Saints speak through this little voice, giving to others Direction, Love, Hope, so that each one’s Soul will be protected, taken care of, and one day return to The Father with the Title ‘Saint’.

The Father has given to the world a Blessing beyond what the human mind can fully comprehend or discern.  Some like to think What pours through her in Words comes from her, but this is not so.  All that has been delivered is The Father’s Will for millions of Souls to one day return to The Father Pure, and have the privilege to be called ‘a Saint’.

Think about this:  If all human beings born to the world did not have names, wouldn’t it be confusing in a hundred ways, perhaps a thousand ways?  There would be no way to be able to speak about an individual, and know that the individual truly existed, because the name of a human being is important.  It designates an individual, and through this, that individual is responsible for everything he or she does, or even what they speak on different subjects.

A person’s name, no matter what age they are, has an importance in it.  The very fact that when you pray, you are able to designate Who you want to pray to, because of the Name that follows Them all the way to Sainthood.  Even The Son of The Creator had a Name.

Logic must tell you that when you say the Word ‘God’, you think of Only One Individual Who represents That Name.  Even when you hear the words spoken, ‘God is All Things, God is Everywhere,’ it still signifies One Name, One Individual Entity of Living Matter.

As I close My Words with you, I beseech you to always remember that your name is important to more individual men, women and children than you realize.  You are remembered because of your name, so remember this:  Let nothing cause your name not to be respected, cared about, or not remembered with love, understanding, and as example, when you no longer exist in the human way because, do not forget, through your name, your Soul has a distinction that remains with the Soul for All Eternity.”

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