ON APRIL 19, 1996 AT 12:42 PM


“I am Saint Paul.  We know it is difficult for mankind, in general, to believe in This Gift of The Father’s in which so Many of Us speak to mankind, in a manner and a way that mankind, in general, would not fully comprehend this Close Association that We have with man.

The Soul of every human being is What We reach mankind through.  The Soul is the custodian of an individual’s Faith in God, and all that the individual does registers within the Soul.  Mankind is a Special Design, because in The Father’s Design, He instilled a mentality, a sensitivity, a nature, talents, a will, plus many other things that give human life distinction above all other creations.

At different times since the Creation of mankind, there have been periods in which mankind passed through stages of physical growth, mental acumen.  There are many areas in past History that mankind is searching out because of the innate interest in scientific understanding.  This, of course, covers thousands of years, and in these thousands of years, the creation of many things took place, many variations, because it was necessary, due to the mentality and the physical strengths that would eventually bring man to this period of time.

You live in a time, an age, where the mentality, the understanding of the Importance of human life automatically says that human life has a distinct Purpose, and a Goal.  There are some men and women who see the magnitude of what a human mind is capable of, above and beyond what a human body is capable of.  The human mind absorbs most of what it is exposed to, because the human mind then gives strength, stability, understanding to the physical structure of human life.

There were many times in the past, hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago, that mankind was living according to the time, the situations that took place at that time, and there were many instances, people, that The Father used to help people understand that morality was important, and immorality should be rejected.  Of course, all who knew this did not practice what was best, and then The Father gave to mankind The Rules for which He wanted mankind to live by, and These Rules were not just Rules, but They were called ‘Commands’.

It is important for everyone to understand that each Command of God’s was not concise in Its full meaning.  He elaborated on each one so that mankind would understand the fullness, the importance, the necessity of purity for the mind and the body, because of man’s Close Connection to The Father, called ‘the Soul’.  To speak on each detail of these things would take volumes of writing, reading, interpretations, so The Father, through This Gift of His Divine Love, through The Holy Spirit of The Father, He gives to the world Instructions on the importance of purity, and the need to practice obedience of The Commandments He gave a long time ago.  We hear mankind say, ‘I know that.’ We say, ‘Do you practice it?’

It is important for This Miracle to be spread throughout the world, in spite of all the contradictions, all the obstacles, all the rejections, because mankind must see the Importance of not just the human life, but the Goal for which human life was created, and that is, to return to The Father to be with Him Forever.  So be it.”

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