ON JULY 17, 1998 AT 1:09 PM


“I am Saint Peregrine.  We hear many so-called ‘learned’ men and women discuss wrongly in their interpretations of All that is delivered through This Miracle of The Father’s Love.

When The Son of The Father came to the earth, it was because of The Father’s Love, Greater than mankind can understand Love to be.  The Son, in His Instructions to those close to Him, and to the multitudes who would listen, much was directed to ensure men, women and children that they were created for a Great Goal, higher than any goal they could strive to reach in the human element of learning, of abilities, of their degree of speech.

This Goal, of course, was to one day spend Eternity with The Creator in a Form, in a Manner, in a Way not visible to the human eye, but obviously open to the sense of Importance of human life.  It took some time for those who walked with The Son to more clearly understand that this Creation of human life had within it a Gift of Divine Love, because of the innate understanding in human life that there was a Goal, a Purpose, and a deep sense of Communication with an unseen Creator that was obvious in so many ways, and yet unable to be described in a physical form.

Today as I speak, I speak with a deep Love for human life.  There are so many times since the beginning of human life, that mankind has gone through periods of rejection of the Importance of human life, based on an insolence of egotism, human rejection, and an innate lack of using what they see, what they feel, what they understand as human life, had to be created for a Greater Purpose than any other living thing created.

Mankind talks about many subjects, even to the point where they become involved in the subjects, and sometimes very adept at analyzing the importance of the subject matter.  Scientific advancement since the time that the Apostles walked with The Son of God, has in many ways been a development in more areas than mankind realizes, because all the advancement that mankind has been able to commit to, submit to, and learn to practice, allows mankind to use the intellect for something beyond just being born a man.

Today as I speak, I speak with a deep Concern, and a deep Love for human life, because at ‘this time’ The Father has given openly so much Instruction Himself, and through so Many Here in the Heavens, allowing All of Us to address the subject matter with Our Name attached to It, thus confirming to human life there is a Goal for the Souls that gives individuals the reasoning for sound moral values, sound moral standards, and of course, the practice of looking to The Father for help in all things, encouragement, and also through The Saints Who have lived before this time.

Ask yourself a very important question:  Did man make man a Saint?  Did this Title not have to come from a Supreme Power, a Supreme Being, for such a Statement to be so important?  This Miracle of Divine Love that The Father directs to be so much spoken about, using All of Us to speak in so many ways, thus giving to human beings Our Names, confirming to mankind that there is such a Place in existence.  It is not fiction.  It is Fact.

I beseech all who read My Message and All that has gone before, please do not take your Soul for granted.  Protect It with your life, your intentions, your practices, your beliefs, and your love for The Creator of All Things.  So be it.”

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