ON DECEMBER 11, 1971 AT 11:15 AM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, as the child speaks in a soft manner, I speak through her to each one here and I say, ‘Keep the Holy Rosary close to you each day.’

When I walked the earth it was as in your time.  The place I lived was different.  It was a country way in many ways.  I am Saint Bernadette, and as I speak to each child here before Me now, I say, ‘Do not dismiss prayer from your way, but do allow yourselves to say each day the Beads so close to Him.’ The Heavenly Mother waits each day for each child to say these Beads, and so many children pass them by and do not care to touch the Beads.  Keep in mind, as you say these Beads, that you request of God to bless you, and then you say that you believe in Him.  Do not forget that these words are important to Him.

My children, even the Holy Rosary is held together three ways, the Trinity of Love, holding the Mysteries of Truth for you in your day; and as these Beads pass through your fingers, one by one, keep in mind that every prayer can help some other one.  There are many Souls in Purgatory now who need your prayers so They will one day face The Holy God.  So as you leave this dwelling on this day, make yourselves a promise in your way, that you will hold close to the Holy Rosary as was requested in My day.  It has not changed, My little ones.  Remember this and pray.

I bless you with the Beads of Love and with the Beads of Peace.  I bless you with the Beads of Hope and say, ‘Hold them close to your heart for they will lead you to Here, and others along with you one day.’  So be it.”

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