ON AUGUST 3, 1999 AT 1:25 PM


“I am Saint Philip Neri.  I smile as I mention My Name through this little one that so much Love from The Creator is delivered, for not just those who write the Words, but for millions to be able to read and capture the Indelible Love of The Creator for all of mankind.

A Blessing such as This One is, is far beyond any human love, because in It, through It, and instilled in the Words, is a Love beyond what any human being can show to another human being.

I speak today with great Love for human life, respect for human life, and of course, an understanding of human life, because I, too, once walked the road.

Today as I speak, it is important for all who will read These Words, or even hear about These Words, to recognize that the Gift of human life is Precious and Greater than gold.  The reason I say ‘gold’ is because men, women and children hold gold as a precious item.  They must remember it is only a material substance that has been credited to have monetary means.

Let us look at each human being we know and ask ourselves: ‘Are we good example to everyone we meet, we speak to, we live with?’ Measure your degree of how you affect other lives by how you feel them change in your presence, change for the better, become more God-conscious instead of human- or material-conscious.

It is with Great Love for The Creator that I speak today, and it is His Love that allows Me to speak, because My Words hopefully will be scattered throughout the world, drawing attention to the Importance of human life, and that it has a Goal beyond what mankind understands a Goal to be.

As I leave at this time, I would like you to remember My Words, because These Words are allowed to be given by The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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