ON AUGUST 13, 1999 AT 1:13 PM


“I am Saint Philip Neri.

Each day in the life of a human being is an important day because of all the individual’s responsibilities, participations in others’ lives, and of course, the fulfillment of one’s own occupation.

Today as I speak through a small voice, I speak delivering a Message of great importance.  The term ‘charity’ is so loosely used and defined according to an individual’s understanding of what it means.  There are so many degrees, ways, that charity gives hope, consolation, strength.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love is an Ultimate Act of Charity to all of mankind.  The only fact that mankind is burdened by is the differences in languages in which This Gift of Divine Love must be translated, so that no one who does not speak the language of the instrument is denied the Content, and the Importance of what the Revelations mean, contain and/or direct.

So Many Saints have spoken through This Gift of The Father’s Love, All from different backgrounds, All with different degrees of interests in Their daily way of life, but Here in the Heavens We act in the Degree, the Manner, and the Way that The Father directs Our Souls to help others gain Sainthood, because It is the Goal for which He created human life.

This Gift of The Father’s Love, This Communication must travel more quickly than It has, and more indepthly, because without It, millions of individual human beings will not be able to fully understand many important Facts about the responsibility of being created a human being, bearing a Portion of The Creator that is to be returned to Him at a given time.

Blessings are abundant to those who desire to help others, who take the time to give to others What has been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love. Granted, Blessings are not always felt at a particular time, but I promise you that there will be a time that each individual will face, and will be assured that through their efforts, obedience and love for The Divine, they were nourished, and all accounts will be seen for what was accomplished in obedience to God’s Will for another human being.  So be it.”

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