ON MAY 2, 2000 AT 1:00 PM


“I am Saint Philomena.

Many stories are written about Many, Many, Many Saints.  Oftentimes in the content many things are left out, because records were not kept of the individual’s life.  Much that is revealed can be looked upon as research involving others who knew the individual.

The Importance of This Gift of The Father’s Love, What is passing through one voice, is coming to you directly from The Saints.  A Miracle of This Dimension, This Character, is rare, because at other times in the History of human life, script was not seen as important as it is today, especially when it came to Spiritual subjects, ideas.

The world has been Blessed abundantly, and this has been said many times in This Gift of The Father’s Divine Love for human life.  As Each of Us speaks, most times it is requested to be put into script, so What is spoken cannot be forgotten or confused in Its subject matter.

When an individual receives a gift, whether the gift pleases them abundantly or not, they respond, whether it be considered politeness or sincere interest.  The fact that you live at This Time when The Father has Decreed so much Information to be passed through one voice by so Many Saints Here in the Heavens, is a Time more Special to human life than even those present can perceive.

Children are not being instructed on the importance of purity in their speech, in their actions, in their thoughts, because so much diabolical sensitivities have destroyed the beauty of purity of the mind and the body, thus totally ignoring that all human lives have a Goal.

Many times, as We hear individuals confer on what is a sin, what is not a sin, this seems to be less important than their feelings on what is proper, or what is improper socially.  Morality is not a subject defined in its full meaning, or is it spoken about as being the Foundation for Sainthood.  Each Commandment of The Father’s has more meaning, more definition, more reason, than the concise manner it is put into at this time, and I add, has been for a long time.

Human beings have a way of shortening all subjects that are important.  We hear many times the words, ‘Just get to the point.’ This, of course, allows no full definition, which can basically be detrimental to the importance of the subject matter.

Children are not being instructed on what is morally sound, pure, pleasing to The Father.  Rarely do We hear one in charge of children use an in-depth definition of why something is wrong, improper, not acceptable, yet the very same person will expound endlessly on something that is unimportant, even unreasonable.

The Father has Decreed that This Gift of His Divine Love that uses one voice, but many to write the script of the one voice, that this time throughout the world human beings of all ages, all cultures, all intellects, must learn about and learn to recognize what is morally pure over what is immoral, indecent, causing harm to the Soul.

As Each of Us speak, What We say is put into a concise form, because if It were to be too lengthy, it would be difficult for some individuals to be interested in the subject matter.  This Statement alone states the Sensitivity The Father has to human life.  As each individual has a different degree of intellect, of interest, of hope, of understanding, of behavior, of concern, it is important that All that has been passed through This Gift of The Father’s Love be constantly and consistently handed to all degrees of mentalities, and men, women and children in all stations of life.

You are a great part of The Father’s Love, because as you assist Him, you are giving service to the Souls of millions of human beings who, without This Miracle of Divine Love, would be lost to the enemy of all mankind.

As I leave you, you cannot see it, but I smile, because you must understand that from Where We are, We see much more than you do, firsthand.  So be it.”

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