ON MARCH 2, 2001 AT 12:43 PM


“I am Saint Philomena.

It is important that children of all ages understand there is a Purpose to their life, and they have a will to accept or reject, accept or deny, on every subject they are approached with.  They must never feel they are vulnerable and forced to agree with another’s opinion, suggestion or idea.

You live in a so-called ‘time of advancement’ according to material things and written things, but you must first ask yourself: ‘What would The Father want me to do, to say, to become a part of, to accept my way?  I know that within me I have Something I cannot see; I understand It to be a Portion of The One Who made me.’

All of The Saints Here in the Heavens want millions of human beings to read All that has been delivered verbally and put into script through This Gift of The Father’s Love, The Creator, for you see, each individual has a Portion of Him within them, and it is sad to see so much, so many, ignoring the Connecting Link that human life has with The Divine Being.

I know at this time that in a total of numbers, through This Gift of The Father’s Love, millions of Words have been spoken:  Some written, Some casually used to draw attention to an important situation or time that is to be seen Important to The Creator, because of the Soul the individual bears and is to be returned to The Creator at a specific, special time.

It is sad when We hear individuals not understand that there is a Divine Being in control of All that exists, plus in the Creation of man.  This Gift that bears The Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit must pass throughout the world, giving Strength, Hope, Love and Care, not just for the Soul, but for the physical and the mental, for peace to reign there.  There is no peace in any human being when their thoughts or actions are vile, contemptible, impure, indecent or objectionable to The Creator Who put into the individual an understanding of purity over impurity, justice over injustice, love over hate.  The list is endless.

When The Father beckons, nods His Head — a human can understand this action — it is important that Every Saint respond, because of the need the Souls throughout the world have.

Some ask, ‘What is a Blessing?’ This is sad to hear.  A Blessing is recognizing Truth, Purity, and the Importance of What human life bears.  The Soul is ever present.  Though It may not be felt, Its very Existence is recognizable, because and through the actions of the individual who innately demonstrates, acts out and performs care.

As I close My Words, All of The Saints want the whole world to know of This Miracle of Instruction that is instructing all ages to know there is a Goal for human life, for their Soul.  So be it.”

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