ON NOVEMBER 6, 1995 AT 3:50 PM


“I am Saint Pius X.  It is necessary for so many men who have accepted the office of the Priesthood, to think more clearly on what they are instructing others about, or what they are tolerating, that in many ways is corrupting the sound moral code of ethics that in many ways is a strong, indelible responsibility of their chosen profession.

The Father’s Commandments are being ignored because of so much humanism that has escalated in the past years, to a point where logical insistence on morality has been cast aside and immorality is rampant throughout the world.  So many men have forgotten that The Father’s Commandments insisted upon, and in many ways regulated man’s actions in a manner that the individual thought first of what complications could occur if they did not obey the sound structured meaning of obedience to The Father’s Commandments, and the Purpose for which He gave Them to the world.

Confusion has a destructive force, materialism has a destructive force.  Both of these things are in many ways not just toys, but implements of the enemy of God and man.  So much Instruction has been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s at a time when It was much needed, because of the humanism that was so obviously being favored over sound Spiritual practices.

So many throughout the world in high places, have accepted homosexuality and lesbianism as practical, as normal, as needed.  This is definitely not in accord with several of The Commandments.  The Father, in His Design of Creation, gave to mankind a will, and in this Design The Father also instructed mankind on the importance of purity, and that within purity there was dignity, and in the dignity there was a natural instinct that purity would radiate through, with, in, and from.

We hear mankind shout justice, and how little he feels justice is shown in the world, throughout the world today, but what does justice truly mean to mankind?  Wouldn’t the first sign of justice be seen in man’s obligation to hold human life in great respect, in thanksgiving, seeing the majesty The Father used in creating man?

Man has intelligence, abilities.  Man has the senses to use, to become a great part of all things:  a sense of speech, a sense of sight, a sense of touch, a sense of taste, a sense of smell.  These are important things to mankind.  And The Father, then handing to mankind more abilities, gave mankind a superior place in the world:  intelligence, physical strength, the mind to use in many avenues, for many reasons, on many subjects, talents unlimited.  I could go on and on with how The Father favored human life.

It is important for children of all ages, the little ones on up, to be thankful to The Father for having their will to accept challenges, and to use these challenges for the Greater Honor and Glory of God.”

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