ON NOVEMBER 19, 1998 AT 12:58 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.

We hear so many men, women and children place much importance on a name.  Sometimes the name is what mankind calls ‘a name of strength’, or ‘a name of beauty’, or ‘a name that suits the individual in every way’.

Exactly how does a name play so much importance on its sound, on its implication, on its meaning, and/or the question should be asked, ‘Is the name the Name of a Saint?’ So many times nicknames are appreciated more because they either flatter the individual, or make others see the individual in a different way, sometimes flattering, or sometimes just for the sake of it being unusual, attractive to others.

We hear mankind say, ‘What’s in a name?’ These words are spoken every day somewhere in the world.  Because a name is so important is why The Father tells Us to give Our Name when We address a Revelation, an Instruction through This Gift of His Divine Love.  Without a Name attached to What We say, fewer people of all ages would find What We speak as important.

A name to mankind says many things.  It points to the individual for what the individual stands for, believes in, practices, is associated with, or with whom.  A name allows identification, and through this identification there is an importance.  A personality is associated to different names of individuals.  Talents are associated to individuals through the name they are given, or take on for themselves.

Let us now imagine a child about to be born.  The time will come shortly that this little individual will be identifiable by its name.  The personality, the mentality, the looks, the cry, the actions, will all be minor to the name that this child is given when this child is totally dependent on those close to him or her.  What mankind does not seem to put much importance on is the Most Important Part of that little human body, and that is, that little body bears a Portion of The Creator, openly seen as a son or a daughter with a Soul that is attached to The Creator of All Things.

Ask yourself:  When you see a newborn baby, what attracts you to it immediately?  If you say, ‘The Soul,’ I will be surprised, because you cannot see the Soul.  All the physical parts are evidenced by how the little one is treated, accepted, loved or concerned about.

Some might say, in reading This, ‘It seems too early, too soon to worry about the Soul.’ The Soul of every human individual born is a Living Portion of The Creator, and that is why it is so necessary to care for the individual child, to prepare in every way to protect and to help it grow, understanding the Importance of human life, and that within it, it has a Soul.

Let us, you and I, walk through a room, and at this time there are several children making their entrance into the world.  It is important to realize that the new life is dependent from the moment of conception, and long after it is conceived.  That is why it is so important to never forget that as the human flesh grows and becomes more evident mentally, physically, so does the Soul.  That is why it is important that no child not be taught that within them God is Present, because it is He Who created them, and that they, in everything they do, must be mindful of His Presence, though unseen, cares for them physically, mentally, and they are a Portion of The Creator that no other living thing has.  So be it.”

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