ON AUGUST 6, 1999 AT 1:18 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.  Today as I speak to a small group, it is My Wish that All I deliver through one voice will be cast throughout the world on the minds of millions of men, women and children.

Today there is so little spoken on the importance of sound moral values, sound moral standards, decency in daily actions, whether one is alone or with others.  There is very little spoken about the neglect of prayer.  So many men, women and children feel that the only time they should pray is when they are in a church.  There are so many wasted moments in a day when so much communication could occur with an individual asking for help on issues, on conditions, to improve themselves and to help others improve the moral values, conditions, practices of his or her daily life.

To ask an individual, ‘Was your day a moral day?’ the response would be a sadness to hear.  Many might laugh out loud at such a question.  Others would say that ‘It was not to be of your concern what my day was like morally.’ People do not ask this question of each other, yet in many areas of communication, such as magazines, books, radio, television, movies and other entertainment skills, there are so many diabolical values accentuated, calling it ‘entertainment’, never using the word that ‘abusiveness’ causes because of the subject matter.

Some individuals never use the word ‘abusive’ and yet they many times are victims of it through the media that they are associated with; also, to the company of other individuals that they are with at some time during one day; plus, it is difficult for some individuals to realize that what they are being subjected to is vile to their Soul and a disgrace to their morality.

I know I am speaking in a different format than so Many Here with Me speak, but you must become aware that you do live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and just as it was all accepted at that time, it is being accepted now as being normal to human thinking, actions, ideas, abilities.

The next word I use is ‘et cetera’, a word commonly used by many when there are so many subjects to be added to what they are speaking about.

The Father, in His Love for human life, has given to the world of human life, a Gift of His Divine Love, with so Many Saints speaking openly the Words being written, encouraging mankind of all ages, all temperaments, all degrees of knowledge, to stop and think of their actions, their associations, their practices, and their degree of how they understand that human life was created to return to The Father in Glory Forever.

As I leave you today, I beseech all who will read My Words to stop and think of how each day is, where your participation is example to others; also, what mark does it leave on your Soul when the day is done and you are alone, resting the physical for the next day to come?  So be it.”

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