ON MARCH 23, 2000 AT 1:03 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.

So many so-called ‘religious vocations’ are falling into the category of accepting more laxness in Spiritual vocations, Spiritual instructions, Spiritual practices, Spiritual identities, and Spiritual love.

Though it is difficult for those living at this time to understand what a tragedy it is to human life, to allow so much diabolical interference, example, to one’s moral and Spiritual understanding that immorality is against all that The Father has given in His Commandments, touching every subject of human life, I could speak hours on end on what is occurring, and at another notable time in the History of human life, known as ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’.

Morality is at a low ebb.  This Statement is putting it mildly.  The Commandments that The Father gave to one man a long time ago are being denied, rejected, ignored, dismissed, as not being important at this time; in fact, They no longer exist.  In so many ways, so much is taken for granted, allowing only a lax motivation to be the focal point of everything an individual is involved in, aware of.

Today as I speak, I speak with a deep sadness because Each Saint Here in the Heavens is allowed by The Father to speak through This Gift of Divine Love, in a manner, a way totally understandable to the human mind, yet not passed on to the millions of other human beings that need What is spoken through This Gift of The Father’s Love.

True, when one of the Teachings, Revelations, is passed into a group of individuals, it is not often accepted for the Magnitude, because through a long period of time there has been so much laxness regarding The Commandments.  True, They have been put in such a concise manner, degree, that in many ways They do not speak in a full concept of Their meaning, as They were given in the beginning of Their introduction of and to human life.

This little one The Father uses and permits All of Us to use, has the Responsibility of delivering what so many others do not want to be burdened with.  The freedom that mankind allows himself or herself, oftentimes chooses diabolical acceptance of practices rather than to look into the sound moral values, the sound moral standards, that are more basically suitable, practical, logical, in definition and in truth.

Human life, gifted with the freedom of a will, was meant for human life to use this ‘will’ protectively, and for what was best in every facet of human life, constantly conscious of what would be correct, what would be right for their whole being, this including the Soul also, the Spiritual Life that is innate in human life.

As I leave you, I beseech you to be example in everything you do, how you look, how you speak, what you say, and how you practice what is morally sound, so that others will see it and apply it to their way, because of the goodness, the logic that they see in you.  You have much responsibility.  Do not forget this, because human life is a Gift of Divine Love, having Purpose, Reason, and an Ultimate Goal for the Soul given at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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