ON AUGUST 4, 1997 AT 12:56 PM


“I am Saint Sebastian.  As We Saints watch many men, women, and even some older children read What Many of Us Here have spoken, We listen to their determinations and what they feel applies to their lives as an individual Source of Communication.

It is sad to see mankind ignore the reality, even the possibility that The Father would be in contact with man.  There are many means of contact from Him and from All of Us Here.  Sometimes it is an Alert in some form, sometimes an individual feels a Suggestion to change their mind on something.  Sometimes it is to encourage an individual to do something that they feel reticent to do, and of course, reticent as to its value to them at that time.

The world has been given a Miracle of Communication, so much being dictated verbally, allowing mankind to be able to write the Words, read the Words, see the Value in the Message.  Granted, some Messages from Here are meant for particular individuals to think about, especially when They are pointed on a given subject, for a given reason.

This Time in the History of mankind was designed a long time ago, and it is sad to see, to hear what some individuals try to ignore, try to reject, because they cannot believe that a Communication of This Greatness, This Simplicity, could be happening through one such as they are, human, with particular abilities, but not in the eyes of all individuals, different than everyone else.

The Father has Blessed mankind many times, in many ways, all down through time, and ‘this time’ is no different than other times.  There were those who accepted What they heard, What they were told, What they read, and then there were those who said, ‘It cannot be so; God would not do it this way.’

It is sad for Us to hear this statement, because no human being is an authority on The Creator of All Things.  If they were, it would be a Great Miracle, because you see, there is Only One Creator.  Mankind expects This Creator to be what the human mind can design such an Ultimate Being to be, but no human mind has the capacity, the capability to be able to fully understand the Magnitude of The Creator of All Things.

In the human way mankind looks for goals, achievements, benefits, and knowledge to be able to see things in their full measure, full capacity, beyond what it all appears to be.

Today as I speak, I speak because it is The Father’s Will I speak.  The Father Wills mankind to see what a Precious Gift human life is, and that mankind should understand, as it is innate in nature, in desire, in hopes, in dreams, to be successful, to find happiness, to understand more indepthly, it is a Gift of Divine Love, beyond what mankind allows himself or herself to recognize as a Gift of Encouragement, Hope, Love.

I could speak endlessly on this subject, but mankind has limitations of being able to write, read, and even tolerate so much Divine Love, Divine Hope, while in the human state of living.

My Words are Words of a deep Love for humanity, because humanity is a Creation of Love from The Creator of All Things.  So be it.”

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