ON APRIL 26, 2000 AT 12:49 PM


“I am Saint Sebastian.  It is sad for Me to begin this time with you in a way that I am forced to say the Importance of human life is based on so much humanism and so little thought of why human life was created.  In the manner in which it is looked upon, it is as though it is like all other living matter or things.  This, of course, is wrong.

Human life has been Blessed with an intellect, with sensitivities of understanding what is pure, what is impure, what is just, what is unjust.  With these assets in human life, it allows men, women and children to judge the importance of an issue, a practice, a situation, or a condition, as to whether a decision is necessary or pure in its results.

Some who read this might find the word ‘pure’ out of the context they are used to thinking, but it is important that this word be used because purity is obviously what the human mind understands to be right, just, logical, necessary, and what would please God rather than what would not please Him on any act, on any decision.

Each of Us Saints speak in a manner and way that is dedicated to the minds, the intelligence, the sensitivities of certain individuals.  It is important that through This Gift of The Father’s Love, all dimensions of intelligence, all values, all in-depth understandings be reached, so that This Gift of The Father’s Love, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, never leaves out or ignores the different types of human beings that are to be affected by All that is spoken, mentally, morally, physically, spiritually.

As I speak, it is with deep concern that those who will read the Words that The Father has directed to be put into script, will find in certain Words a personal feeling of Association with The Divine.

I could speak hours, as All of Us could, but the human minds who read the Words would find Them too lengthy.  That is why so many Revelations through This Gift of The Father’s Love are timed to a certain degree, so that individuals of all races, all colors, all creeds, all denominations of Faith, will not find the length of Them too much, but the Direction in Them important to the way they must live.

No one sees their Soul, and yet logic tells many, many, many individuals that Someone is always listening, Someone is always watching, and Someone is always caring.  This, of course, is evidenced openly by how an individual responds, or carries through on particular subjects or ideals.

So much can be written, and has been written through This Gift of The Father’s Love, attracting all personalities, all natures, all cultures, to the Importance of the Purpose for which human life was created, and that is, that it has a Soul that cannot be seen but It is logically felt, because it is innate in human beings to know what is pure, what is impure, what is just, what is unjust, what is true, what is untrue.

As I leave you, I beseech you:  never forget that human life is a Gift of Divine Love.  No matter what part of the world an individual was conceived in, is conceived in, human life is a specific Special Creation that bears within it a Portion of The Creator, called ‘the Soul’.”

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