FEBRUARY 7, 1979


“What does this mean to you?

Some people have an alibi for every moment of their lives, and for everything they don’t do or do.

An alibi says you are covering your action — good or bad — with reason, place or things, most times unrelated to the question at hand.

Alibi can also be just plain lies.”


“Stop blaming your actions, or lack of action, on circumstances, people and environment.  Start with your own will, and there is a good chance you will find you are ignoring logic and truth, or you are afraid of logic and truth, or too stubborn to see things in the reality they are.  You would rather see them in an excusable state for you, so you can blame your indifference, your insubordination, your lack of following through, on something or someone else.

Your will governs every act, action of your mind and your body, so as this will is yours, then you have no one to blame but yourself for your lack of accomplishment, lack of follow-through, lack of learning, lack of understanding, lack of progress, lack of success.”

“Excuse can be justified and acceptable, but under the following conditions only:  The excuse must be logically explainable and understandable, not a cover-up for lack of action, or disobedience to the right authority.

Excuse when it covers up, or obscures a necessary action, is totally wrong, unjust, and is inexcusable.

It can even become an occasion for sin.”


“Your Good Example is the greatest gift you can give to other men.

Good Example speaks loudly.

Good Example gives without a word being spoken.

Good Example demonstrates.

Good Example establishes sound behavior.

Good Example instills an act or action of sound value.

Good Example permits others to imitate.

Good Example permeates a room, a situation or relationship with sound standards.

Good Example stimulates and promotes a chain reaction to do and to accomplish good.

Good Example creates a sincere, happy, pleasant, peaceful, tranquil morale.”


“Call it a cliché, a proverb, or something that suits you, but it nonetheless is fact.  It describes how men can abandon sound action and replace it with total intention.

Intention never built a bridge.  Intention never saved a Soul.  Intention never wrote a letter.  Intention never built a home.  Intention never saved a marriage.  Intention never helped a child grow.  Intention never replaces reality.  Intention never gave strength to a person’s mind, body or Soul.

Intention is only the thought.  When a planned action only goes so far as the person’s good intention, it can stray from the good path to the bad path easily.  Good intention can turn into situations that are far from good and sound because there is no constructive action, only intention.

Don’t rely on good intention, for it can be only a note in a book to remind you, a string on your finger to help you remember, a note on the refrigerator door, but if it doesn’t go beyond intention, there is no worth to it at all.”


“What does it mean to you?

Opportunity means the chance (privileged or ordinary), to accept a situation, an offer, a circumstance that will allow you to partake in or acquire something favorable.

God never said that the chance of our becoming a Saint ended with a given time or date.  So let’s take advantage of our opportunity.  Let’s work at becoming a Saint.”


“When you speak, do you mumble?  Do you speak in a monotone?  Do you speak loud and garbled?  Or do you speak with sound control, word control, and with a tone that requests respect for when you speak?  Do you speak in such a manner that others want to turn you off, either because what you say is silly, argumentative, sarcastic, critical, smart-alecky, or insincere?

When you speak at home, do you consider those around you?  Do you consider their nervous system, their privilege to partake in a conversation, and also the need for privacy on other people’s parts?  Or do you speak and allow just anything to come out for attention, or out of jealousy, or because you have nothing else to do?

Our ability, our privilege to speak, is truly a very generous Gift from God.  He proves this in so many ways.  And He proved it ultimately when Our Lord was upon the earth.  It was through What He said that He taught not only the Apostles, but everyone He came in contact with.  His Voice left with them knowledge, guidance, direction, purpose and goal, for the physical life and for their Soul.  His Voice, the tone in which He spoke, the words that He used, were very important.

Our ability to make sounds with our voice is our greatest communication with each other that we have in the whole world.  When you speak, realize, understand and learn, that what you say can have sound meaning and be beautiful to hear; it can give hope to another person, it can show that you are sincere, honest and good.  So many times people forget the beauty of the privilege of being able to speak.

Make your speech a very important part of your life, and remember that what you say leaves a memory in another person’s mind. How you say it reflects what type of person you are, and the circumstances under which you speak, in which you speak, also create a link or a memory to a given situation, and it is this communication for the whole of your life that will be perhaps the only communication you will have with most people you meet. Your speech is very important.

Also, remember that when you are asked your name, it is the most important statement you can make to another man.  Your name is your identification, and it is identification that will last through your lifetime.  People remember names because a name says you are an individual human being.

Also, remember that God knows you by your name, so all the things you do, all the things you are, all the things you will accomplish, all the actions you will take part in, everything in your whole life, has your name on it.  It is your record, even in the Sight of God.”

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