ON JUNE 30, 1998 AT 1:10 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Learned men throughout the world, are finding themselves dictating their opinions on so much of what they are determining to be exceptional in oratory, and in description of The Father’s Will for human life.

There is much chaos throughout the world morally, mentally, physically, spiritually.  There is a sadness to Me when I must speak These Words.  The sadness is within Me, even though I am a Saint.

Mankind’s definition of what is morally sound, morally correct, morally pure, morally Sacred, is oftentimes based on the individual’s experience and own impressions that appeal to them, regarding the nature, the personality, the mentality of those with whom they associate, and many who they admire because of their works.

Today as I speak, I want mankind of all ages, all degrees of intelligence, all backgrounds, to use sound logic in how they express their love for The Creator of All Things.  These words ‘Creator of All Things’ are words of the past, because mankind has become so egotistical and possessive of what he or she terms a ‘greater psychological opinion on Spiritual matters that human life is obligated to follow, to accept, and to be example of’.

Mankind, in scientific ways, knowledge, has in some ways been allowed to advance, but mankind, in putting all things physical, mental and personal, is basically ignoring some of the greatest facts, features that The Creator put into human life, and that is basically, first to understand that mankind is limited; there is only One Creator.  Mankind, in so many times of historical changes, has dismissed Who the Real Intellect is where mankind is concerned.

Let us take a simple prayer that is spoken many times every day.  The words are: ‘God bless you,’ ‘God love you,’ ‘God be with you.’

Today as I speak, I know that My Words must be limited, because Here in the Heavens We are not limited, but when We deal closely to mankind, the relationship of communication is limited.

It is important that men, women and children throughout the world understand that human life is Special, because in all the creations of living matter, human life is of the highest level, because human life is endowed with a Soul, a Portion unseen, that is a Portion men cannot feel, but intellect, sensitivity, in a special way, allows human life to feel that human life is Special in several ways.

The One Who discloses this to an individual is the Soul of the individual, and the Soul participates in everything an individual does every day.  The Soul is not seen, but in some ways, at some times, the Soul is called or referred to as the ‘conscience’, or that ‘realization’ of what is right over what is wrong.

The Father’s Design of this Miracle of Divine Love is a Miracle Far Greater than anyone has been able to comprehend to Its fullest degree, and that is why so much has been instructed by so Many that The Father directs to speak, because human life could not handle All there is to know, to understand, or even to believe.

A Gift such as This Miracle of Divine Love that instructs in different ways, on different points in which human life is involved, rarely, if ever, does not instruct on the importance of purity of mind, of body, of Soul, and the closeness that human life has to The Creator of All Things.

We hear some individuals say, ‘All that is given seems to be somewhat close in length of words.’ We smile at this, because it is The Father’s Will that too much at one time not be given, because so much is important for mankind to fully understand the Close Relationship God is to man.  So be it.”

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