ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2000 AT 12:56 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.  As I speak today it is with deep Love and deep concern for so many who believe, or say they believe, in a Divine Creator.

Basically, there is so little attention daily paid to the True Full Existence of a Divine Creator, because men, women and children find what they do each day, somehow or other, takes precedence over their attention to perhaps a prayer now and then, even an Act of Contrition now and then.

We hear some say, ‘I don’t say an Act of Contrition because I do not feel I have committed a sin.’ Basically, very few individuals consider many things that they participate in, that are either on the border of sin or considered a sin, thus ignoring the full concept of what a sin is.

So few children are being instructed on The Commandments of the beloved Moses.  Moses did not make These Commandments on his own.  He was ‘an instrument’ of The Father’s, and logic should tell human beings of all ages that as These Commandments were delivered, They were delivered indepthly, with much more meaning than a single word or a single sentence.  There is not enough emphasis on the importance of The Commandments.

Today, as Many of Us Saints gather and speak Words of Direction, not just comfort, it is important that All that is spoken out of the context of what you usually hear or speak, should be considered important when it pertains to your Soul, your conscience, your practices, and your dependence on Divine Guidance.

The world has been Blessed with a Miracle, and We hear some say, ‘Why is It called “a Miracle”?  It is Dictation that is understandable.’ It is a Miracle and much ‘Preparation’ went into The Miracle by Many, Many, Many Saints, and The Father’s participation was what man would call ‘the ground-laying’ for All Else to be put in the Context of Understanding, of Direction, of Concern, of Love.

We hear doubt from some who do not understand too many things, because humanism oftentimes is based on many issues that do not satisfy the Spiritual needs, only the immature mentalities of those who speak about time, how they spend it, and what is enjoyable to them.

I could speak hours on this subject, but as I close My Words at this time, I beseech you, for the benefit of your Souls, to always remember that ‘Sainthood’ should be your Goal.  So be it.”

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