ON JULY 10, 2001 AT 1:03 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.

In This Gift of The Father’s Love to the world of human life, instructing and continuously alerting men, women and children, to fully understand what a Precious Gift of Divine Love human life is to man.

In the beginning of time, in the Creation of human beings, much had to be changed, because the foundation for what was to be understood, to be learned, was in a state of constant need for being able to communicate properly in human ways.

Today as I speak, the world has been Blessed abundantly, because through The Father’s Creation of human life, He gave it a Purpose Greater than any other living matter or thing.  He gave it a Goal, something that is innate in human beings.

Oftentimes a goal gives strength, purpose, courage, hope.  This was The Father’s beginning in Love for human life, by instilling this desire to reach for a goal.  If it was not for a Goal, human beings would not understand the Importance in being a human being, unless they felt or feel there is a Goal.

After a long period of time in the development of human life, the Goal was finally realized through much education The Father’s Way, that this Creation of human life was instilled with a Portion of Him.  In the beginning, human life did not understand such a Phenomenon; but now, today, as there has been so much revealed on the Beauty of human life, having a Goal for the Soul that is within them, is a Blessing beyond what a human being can fully understand.

Volumes could be written on the importance of every step that human life was passed through to reach the importance of what is known now, and that is, that human life, designed and created by The Creator of All Things, has within it a Portion of The Creator that He Wants and Wills to be returned to Him, what will be known as ‘a Saint’.  The Soul becomes ‘a Saint’, because It returns to from Where It came.

As some read These Words, they will refrain from discussing Them, because they will feel this Lesson is being taught under different conditions than they first learned it to be, but nevertheless, or nonetheless, human life is gifted with a Portion of The Creator, giving to human life an in-depth understanding of the importance of purity in the mind, purity of the body, and that there is a Portion within them, unseen but obviously there because of the innate knowledge, understanding, sensitivity to the Presence of Something that is different than what any other living matter or thing has.

Every day should be a day of thanksgiving, and a request asking The Father to bless the day with more strength, morally, mentally, physically, psychologically, for the Goal that human life was created for:  to return to Him, a Saint.  So be it.”

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