ON SEPTEMBER 20, 2001 AT 12:35 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Every hour of every day human beings of all degrees of intellect, understanding, perseverance, honesty and hope, use their intellects and their wills, oftentimes without question, without reasoning.

Today as I speak, I speak with great concern for the different opinions human beings will encourage amongst their fellowmen.  At this point in time, there is much immorality and much lack of integrity in the minds and the wills, the practices of millions of human beings.

Ask yourself: ‘Do I repeat to myself every day The Commandments The Creator gave for me to guide my life by, and give me strength in all I would do, encouraging me to never stray immorally, unjustly, impurely in any way?’

If each human being learned to practice the Values of life, the Reason for their life, and the Goal they innately know to be, they would not walk in slime, they would walk on clean ground, thus being equal to their mind.

I know I speak differently than you expect Me to speak, but the Words spoken many times through This Gift of Divine Love, have been overlooked consistently, constantly, and those Words I repeat: ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’ To some, these Words are so easy to write, and to some so easy to read, thus ignoring that these Words must be seen for the wrong that they permit men, women and children to act in, act for, and accept as a normal way of life for human beings.

I speak differently today, but My Words are to alert the minds of all who will read Them that each human being has within them a Gift of Divine Love, called ‘the Soul’.  It cannot be seen, but It is obviously felt.  If It were not within the human body, the mind, human beings would not know right from wrong, good from evil, love over hate.

Every day of everyone’s life, there are certain things that occur that should be recognized as helpful or harmful, useful, or something that should be cast aside and not allowed to even be present.

All Here in the Heavens speak through This Gift of Divine Love, even when it is not requested to be put into script. One voice, one body, that is all The Father needs as an instrument, because His Will, His Way, His Power, and His Love for this Creation of His, human life, is a Gift Greater than any other creation that has the so-called ‘abilities’ to do certain things.

Animals do not think as a human being thinks, but animals were given for many reasons, some even to eat, food for the bodies of human life; some for companionship when needed, and some to be used to accomplish other things.

You do live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Remind yourself of this.  Do not act as though you never heard these Words.  They are important Words, because They awaken the mind to remember that purity over impurity, love over hate, oftentimes forces decisions to be made on issues and in areas of life where one’s Soul is at stake.  So be it.”

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