ON APRIL 8, 1999 AT 1:20 PM


“Mankind has been given the Gift of communication.  This integral part of mankind’s abilities to be able to express, extend, deliver, and communicate verbally, physically, or with his or her actions, can be elaborated upon in so many ways, because The Father’s Gift of Divine Love is in this Gift to human life.

In the beginning of human life, men, women and children were not able to communicate beyond the available degree they were instilled with, but there was communication through expression, through touch, through feel, through actions.

Through time, The Father allowed formal education so that mankind would be more well-equipped to be able to relate to many subjects, many practices, many opinions, and many avenues wherein human life could develop greater measures of advancement in multiple fields, beneficial to the lives, the safety, the abilities, and of course, the sciences that mankind uses daily for many beneficial gifts to human life.

What I have just spoken is not the full measure of what human life has been instilled with.  It would take volumes to write and many hours to evaluate what privileges, what Gifts mankind is the custodian of, but all in different degrees.

The Father has given to the world a Gift, Personal Communication, instructing on the Purpose for which human life was created, and the value that each thing is to the mind, the body, and the Ultimate Portion of human life, the Soul.  The Soul is a Gift of Divine Love, in many ways an extension of The Father’s Love, uniting man with The Creator in a formula, in a degree not fully understood by human beings, but nevertheless, evident in so many ways, for so many things, for so many reasons.

So much has passed through one small voice.  We hear some individuals say, ‘Why that one voice?’ We say: ‘Why not?  The Father’s Will knows what is best, and should never be questioned,’ when We hear questioning regarding This Gift of Divine Love that has handed to mankind insight, and a deeper understanding of the Importance of human life, unmistakable because of the Words that have been allowed to be delivered openly, not secretly, behind hidden doors.

So many times individuals read a book.  It is entertaining in some form, or it enlightens one on a subject.  Then again, there are many written articles, in many forms that are demeaning to human life, human intelligence, and it is sad to see individuals become so enraptured by these human intercessions that can only be delivered by what is impure, what is against the Importance of the Souls that come in contact with it.

Mankind oftentimes ignores the Importance of another Portion of himself or herself.  The Portion is attached to a conscience, which is a Direct Communication with The Creator, God Himself.

There are Volumes of Words that have been delivered and are yet to be delivered, because of the Importance of human life above and beyond all other living matter or things.

We see many individuals read continuously on what they feel is higher learning on subject matter that is written by those who feel they have the understanding of great inventions, but how many really understand the Importance of what they stand for as an individual?  and that is, to be the custodian of a Soul, a Portion of The Creator, that should be the Ultimate Goal to return this Soul in the Spirit, the Light, the Purity, and the Love It was originally given.

I do not say man should not seek knowledge, but I do say, ‘Put it in the right perspective, and in understanding the knowledge, be aware of its importance to one’s Purpose for life first, foremost, and then adapt to it according to its need or its association to what one’s life was created for.’

As I bless each one who puts My Words in script, I say to you, ‘Each time you act in His Name, the Blessings abound in your Soul, because your Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, grows in more ways, helping you to one day be with The Creator in a Personal Way.’  So be it.”

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