ON FEBRUARY 21, 2000 AT 1:01 PM


“It is innate in human life to understand to a certain degree, emotionalism, sensitivity, endurance, but many times when there is judgment regarding another person other than one’s self, they tend to feel indifference and somewhat of a lack of concern for the one who is complaining, or is uncomfortable because of a physical change that could either be a subject contrary to what an individual can accept, or physical pain that occurs from out of nowhere.

As human life is subjected to this type of anguish at different times, very seldom is it thought about when one commits a sin of the mind, the flesh, to themselves or to anyone else, or with anyone else.  The responsibility fades; it is ignored.

Today as I speak, there are Three of Us present.  Oftentimes We appear to this little one in number rather than in a single Form.  You might ask, ‘Why is this necessary?’ It is because there is so much that All of Us desire human life to become sensitive to, helping them to more fully understand that human life, as man, is responsible for each act, each thought, each word, each deed, each decision that has a purity to it or an impurity, a right or a wrong, a just or an unjust acceptance.

The human mind oftentimes justifies what is comfortable to the individual, what gives him or her a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of success, a feeling of involvement that pleases them.

Today as I speak, it is different than I usually speak, but it is to bring out openly that human life has the ability to understand what is right over what is wrong, what is pure over what is impure, in every action, every thought, every involvement, every deed.  It is so easy for an individual to blame someone else for an unhappy act, an impure act, one that makes an individual feel guilty about.

So much has been delivered through one small voice.  The Father has given to the world of human life a Gift beyond what human life of any dimension of intellect fully sees as a Gift of Divine Love.

It is sad for All of Us to see so little taught by the so-called ‘learned’ men and women, regarding morals and the Importance of why human life was created.  It has a Goal, and the Promise is to live Eternally with The Father in Heaven, but to listen now to so many misinterpretations about what is pure in thought, word, deed, actions, must be looked at because much of it regarding what is pure, what is impure, is how a person feels, disregarding what is morally pure, sound, and would be pleasing to The Father’s Will for the individual or individuals involved.

As We leave you, I cannot, nor can Those Who are not speaking openly, put in Words for each one to fully understand that human life is a Gift of Divine Love, and is responsible for every act, every thought, and every involvement in human life they come in contact with at different times, under different circumstances.

As We leave you today, We beseech each one who takes These Words in print and those who will one day read Them, to be ever conscious that though you may have been created as one, you were gifted with a Gift of Divine Love to give you strength, hope, and a Special Goal for your life to return to as ‘a Saint’.

I could speak hours on end on how important it is to be ever aware of everything you do, how you do it, everything you say, what you say, and what example you are every moment of every day.  So be it.”

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