ON MAY 4, 2000 AT 12:57 PM


“There are Several of Us Saints present at this time, Each of Us speaking on different subjects, instructing the little one to speak on What We just spoke about.

Human life was gifted with an intellect, different in many ways than all other living matter or things.  The indepthness of the mind of human life is for each human being to be able to discern purity over impurity, right over wrong, good over evil.  The privilege human life has is in the will it is Blessed with, and it is a Blessing to a great degree, because through one’s will they have the opportunity and the ability to make decisions that other living matter does not have in the same form, degree.

The purpose of the free will was to give to human life the ability to one day be able to be accountable for That Portion within himself or herself, called ‘the Soul’.  Some individuals refer to the Soul as their source of choice; that is, to choose how they will talk, how they will learn, how they treat others, how they will use their lives, and of course, it also includes their choice of moral behavior or immoral behavior.

I speak differently on this subject, because human life is a gifted Creation of The Creator.  Plants are subject to what is available to them.  Animals act on instincts and their own needs, but human life is given the opportunity to choose justice over injustice, purity over impurity, love over hate, truth over untruth, and of course, many additional Gifts of being able to make decisions on using their moral values, moral standards, and also, all the instructions they have been exposed to that were used to favor certain areas, or show disfavor to certain areas that an individual is part of.

Granted, weaknesses that each human being is faced with is sometimes a point in which the individual fails to choose what is morally sound over what is immoral in content, procedure.

The Father has given to human life a Goal.  Even in the beginning of human life, it was instinctive in human beings to reach a goal.  Oftentimes it was just physical, because moral issues were not a great factor in the beginning of human life.  Physical strength and living to live, were important issues and ways of behavior.

My Words today are not as complete as I would like Them to be, but it is just a beginning, hopefully to awaken some individuals to the fact that human life did not begin in the manner it is at this time in your time, but it was a struggle, and it was in many ways unable to be termed ‘educated’, ‘superior’.

As I leave you, the child has been requested to put These Words in a special place.”

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