ON NOVEMBER 29, 2000 AT 1:38 PM


“We will announce Our Names at a later time.

The little one is in constant communication with Our Presence.  Just as each human being has a Guardian Angel, the one through whom We All speak is ever conscious of Our Presence.

The world must understand that The Creator gave to human life a design to be followed, according to Divine Plan.  Past History has given many points to be remembered, and it is important that those who are yet able to understand that human life is Divine Plan, and has a Goal for the Soul to return to The Creator in the State of Purity, because of the Importance of the Soul that receives all that an individual participates in, speaks, and/or is responsible for.

In the beginning of time, human life did not have the advantages that it now has.  The mentality is able to address more subjects, the senses are more observant to what is right, what is wrong, what is pure, what is impure, what is just, what is unjust.

The children being born at this time will be instructed more indepthly, or I should say, should be instructed more indepthly on the Purpose for which human life was created.  There is so much immorality based on physical abuse, mental abuse, Spiritual abuse.  These three things are keys to what is right over what is wrong.

We have never spoken like this before, in this manner, but it is important because human life is taken for granted, the intellect is taken for granted, even impurity of the mind, the body, is taken for granted.

So many men, women and children enjoy joining organizations that they feel give them more opportunities to learn more, to experience more, and to be more a part of the human elements.

The human mind has a distinctness that no other living thing has, but the human mind oftentimes ignores the Importance of the Goal for which human life was created, and at this time there is so little instruction on this subject matter.  Mankind pays more attention to a date marking time in History than a moral decision related to the Soul.

At this moment, if one thousand people of all ages were asked a question about something trivial, most of the answers would be spontaneous, but if these same people were asked the condition of their Soul, most would stammer, ignore, reject, or be totally abhorred by the question.

I know a Lesson such as This One is not one pleasing to take down in script, or to read, but it is important for the human minds of all dimensions of intelligence to look at the reality of what human life is faced with every day:  decisions regarding other people, sometimes of all ages; also, decisions on what is correct morally, whether it is something that appears truly immoral or just in a casual situation that is almost like an everyday event.

These Words are All quite different than We usually dictate, but it is time for human beings of all ages to begin to look at the varied and various situations that arise, that demand a decision of justice over injustice, purity over impurity, right over wrong, truth over untruth.

As I leave you, it is important for you to remember that The God Who created you Exists in a Greater Degree than human life can comprehend, so go to This God, ask for help, and never forget that a Supreme Power such as The Creator is, has answers to all questions, and is willing to give Direction whenever it is requested.

I know I speak differently, but it is time for human beings to begin to see the values, the importance of every decision he or she is confronted with, or is just an ordinary decision on ordinary practices in daily life.

As I leave you, and the Others Here with Me, it is important that more than once during the day a prayer short or long would give strength, not just to the moral ethics, gratifications, but to help one’s mentality to cope with all that he or she is confronted with, whether it be personal or materialistic, or educational, private or public.  Needless to say, Heaven is constantly available, and in remembering this Statement, a request for help is always available.  So be it.”

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