ON DECEMBER 11, 2000 AT 12:55 PM


“There are Many of Us Saints standing here with this one small instrument.  She listens to Us discussing the beginning of the Creation of life; that is, life in the human form.

There is no way for even great scientists to completely return to how all things visibly began, physically began.  As each advancement came about, it was an important mark, value, step, for the next advancement to take place.  So many steps had to be taken to arrive at what mankind in the human form, is part of at this time, and all that surrounds human life was developed in stages, too many to explain because of the need or the purpose regarding the goal that human life was to live in, be a part of, and be able to withstand all the facets that would be presented for survival of the body and the mind.

No book has been able to be written on the true beginning of all that now exists.  Many scientists work diligently on theory, on assumption, but without a full understanding of The Invisible Creator, there can be no written words to fully describe how everything came about.

Today as We All speak through one small voice, The Father uses this voice to give many Instructions to those who are, at this time, advanced to a degree allowed by The Father, to be able to cope with all there is available for the mind and the body of each human life.

There are Many of Us standing around this small body as she dictates Our Words.  Our Presence is a weight because of the Power that radiates from Us to her and within her.

There have been many historical books put into transcript, allowing a certain degree to be described in how human life has seen the benefits, and also has learned how to cope with certain things, such as atmosphere and physical capabilities and limitations.

When We hear doubt that a Supreme Power has to Exist, it is not sadness We feel, but concern, because it is important for all living human beings to see the Practical Side of The Creator, the Loving and Giving Side of The Creator, because it would be illogical to dismiss such an Entity of Power.

Each time We speak through this small voice, small body, it is weakening in some force and way to her body, but it is also strengthening in another way.  Through This Miracle that has revealed so much regarding The Divine Existence, the world has been Blessed, and it is sad to see so much rejection of the Close Relationship human life has with The Divine.

As We leave you now, it is necessary because of the Power We are in one small body, but do not forget, your Faith, your love for This Gift is a Strength beyond what anything else could provide you with.  Be Blessed by the Gift of understanding The Father’s Love through This Gift, because it is sad to see any rejection of It.

As We close Our time now with you, We encourage you to be staunch in how you spread All that is necessary for others to have Hope, to have more understanding of what a Precious Gift human life is, and that it was designed for a Special Goal.  So be it.”

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