ON JUNE 11, 2001 AT 12:53 PM


“There are Several of Us present where you are.  This Gift of Divine Love that you have become a part of, an important part of, is Important to the whole world of human life.

First of all, when The Father chooses ‘an individual’ to speak Words of Encouragement, of Direction, regarding why they were created, and the Goal for which they were created, it is meant to not just feed the intellect, but to encourage through Truths, Facts, the Importance of human life.  Human life would not have been created for a lesser goal, because human life has been Blessed at the point of, moment of conception with a Soul.

It is difficult for some individuals to understand a Gift of This Nature to be given to millions and millions of human beings.  Some question, ‘How could there be so many Souls?’

Today, as Many of Us speak through This Gift of The Father’s Love, not just enlightening human beings to the Importance of being a human being, but instructing in so many ways, sound Facts of reality that are not known, unless They are spoken about through The Beloved Father’s Way of Enlightening human life, to realize that they are gifted with a Portion of Him, making human life above all other living matter or thing.

Some people believe that there are Many Saints in the Heavens.  Some individuals cannot fathom what a Saint could be.  Others really don’t care, because they use the human part of life to satisfy all they feel, desire, and see no other goal for which human life was created.

We hear some say, ‘Would I not feel something if I had a Soul?’ The answer to this is obvious.  Logic tells you that you know purity from impurity, right from wrong, dignity from lust or anger, or abuse in some form.

So much has been given in Words logical, legible to understand.  There is no human being who reads the Words from Here cannot see at least a portion, a Value in Them that pertains to them as human beings.

Doubts, excuses, ignoring, or just human uncaring does not change the Course of Events, or the Course of Truth that is logical because of Its obvious existence, and how it is automatic to a human being to know what is correct, what is incorrect, what is safe, what is unsafe.  The Words are endless, too many to write at this time.

As I leave you, I say one thing: ‘Thank The Creator for giving you a Portion of His Divine Love to live with you, protect you, and give you the strength to realize that human life must have a Goal above and beyond what is practical in everyday living, because in human life there is an insight of looking for something greater than what one has, also improvement over what one is used to practicing, doing, or being a part of.’

So Many Saints Here in the Heavens realize that This Time in the History of human life is a Time gifted by The Creator in an Open Manner, Way, Degree, because human life is the custodian of a Portion of Him that He wants returned to Him, a Saint.”

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