ON JULY 31, 2001 AT 12:40 PM


“There are Several of Us Here.

There is no Miracle of This Degree throughout the world.  The Father, in His Love for human life, chose ‘one place’, ‘one child’, a human being, because if it had been done differently, It would have been infiltrated with too many imitations regarding the Words that are so important for the Souls of millions of men, women and children throughout the world.

Confusion is easy to the human mind, especially when there is a choice on the line.  That is why so much has been requested to be put into script by so many individuals, through the dictation of one voice, and basically the Voice comes from Here.  The Words are delivered from Here.

You live in a time of great turmoil, much egotism, and little respect for The Divine.  You live in a time of much injustice, based on many individuals’ opinions of what they will to be acceptable, thus ignoring totally the Will of The Creator regarding morals, justice, sound perception of a Statement, and the reality that a human being is gifted with a Soul.

The small voice that is used to dictate, is used for This Miracle alone, because to have too many voices uttering, explaining what they feel is necessary for others to know, to accept, to believe, to practice, would be chaotic throughout the world. The one voice used is capable only of hearing the Way The Divine Wills It to be.  All other things are erased immediately.

Children are not being instructed on the importance of formal prayer, because it is necessary for them to learn how to pray in this manner, this way, due to the fact that the human mind finds it easy to stray, either because of something in sight, or something the individual practices in their own way.

Millions of Words have been passed through This Gift of Divine Love.  They are not Stories to entertain; They are Words to give strength to the mental, the moral, and the physical way.

In the choosing of a small voice, We hear some question why The Father did not choose a powerful voice that could be heard hundreds of feet away, but the intimacy of All that is delivered has within It a Closeness to all who put It into script, and who will read It personally, and then as they speak It to others, it has a continuity to It that is logical, and is immediately noted and noticed when It is changed from what is originally stated.

The Father has placed into one small area of the world His Love for human life, but He says, ‘Deliver It throughout the world,’ because if It was done another way, there would be too many misinterpretations.  Those who put the Words in print must have the dedication and perseverance to always remember that words in print have more than appeal when They are Words of Value and Truth.  There is strength within every stroke that it takes to put Them into print.

The whole world has been Blessed through This Gift of Divine Love, and each day We All pray that human beings of all degrees of intellect will be touched by What the Words mean to the Future that awaits each one, a given time, a given way.

As I leave you at this time, you are Blessed for your courage, your perseverance, and your Faith.  So be it.”

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