ON SEPTEMBER 25, 2001 AT 12:30 PM


“There are Several of Us standing Here, ready to speak The Father’s Words and Will, for human beings of all degrees of intellect, understanding, behavior.  All that has thus far been delivered is of the Greatest Importance to the lives of all human beings throughout the world.

It is important that This Gift of The Father’s Love, bearing the Name of The Holy Spirit of The Creator, called ‘Saint Joseph’, be seen by all degrees of intellect for what It is trying to instruct the minds on, regarding the Importance of human life, the Reason for which it was created, and the Goal that awaits it at a given time.

It is sad to hear negativism regarding the Soul that is described as a Portion of The Creator.  In truth, the Soul is what gives to each human life the abilities to see, to hear, to speak, and also to accomplish through their acts, simple things, important things.

The Father created human life for a Purpose.  The Purpose was to share All He Is, in degrees that human life would be capable of; now, this does not mean the physical portion of human life, but the Soul of every human life.  The Soul is an extension of all that a human life does, thinks, acts out, believes, or creates.

The Soul is a Gift of Divine Love, and should be treated in a special way.  The Soul will remain when the body no longer exists, because as a Portion of The Creator, the Soul will remain as It was in the beginning.  There is no human portion in the Soul.

When an individual says to another one, ‘We are soul mates,’ it is usually meant as a caring manner of speech; also, that it will remain longer than the ordinary friendship.

Today as I speak, My Words are of Great Importance, as All Words are that are dictated through This Gift that instructs on so many subjects, in so many ways, for so many men, women and children to fully understand that human life is a Gift of Divine Love, and is Important in The Creator’s Plan.

All ages must understand that they have the responsibility to act in purity over impurity, truth over untruth, love over hate.  When it is not this way, the Soul is saddened in a manner and degree the human mind could never perceive.

As I speak today, I ask you to remember that within you, you are the custodian of a Portion of The Creator, and you are responsible for everything that this Gift of Divine Love is used for.  Do not forget My Words.

We hear so much slander to Divine Will, Divine Way, Divine Purpose, Divine Love.  This must cease! Thus far, through This Gift called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, so much has been delivered in an understandable way, so that every human being could feel the Generosity of The Creator, giving at This Time, This Personal Communication of Divine Love, drawing human life closer to Divine Hope, Divine Reasoning, Divine Understanding, and the Goal that The Creator has for the Souls of every human being born.

As I close My Words, you must read All of Them well, and be sure that They are not held in abeyance for any reason.  They are to be scattered throughout the world to cause human beings of all degrees of intellect, understanding, to more fully understand the Purpose for the Creation of human life was and is a Gift of Divine Love, because it is the custodian through this life, of a Portion of The Creator called ‘the Soul’.

Children must be encouraged to see the Importance of having been born.  All ages must recognize that human life is a Gift of Divine Love that nothing else created is the recipient of.”

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