ON NOVEMBER 20, 2001 AT 12:41 PM


“There is no time that there is just One Saint present where This Gift of Divine Love has been given at a time in which you live, because of the Importance of so many Souls that are in need of This Gift.

We hear some say: ‘Why does my Soul have to be present?  I can hear.’ We smile at this, because what the human mind expects hearing The Saints to be, is not a sound as the human voice is a sound.  That is why This Gift of Divine Love is so Important to the whole world of mankind.  The Father has given through one voice, a Gift wherein All of The Saints can speak.  It is difficult for human beings to understand the human association with The Divine.

If a Gift of hearing The Saints was given to all of human life, the distraction, the misinterpretations would be so numerous that it would be indefinable to describe the chaos that human beings would endure.  That is why, when a Gift of Divine Love is instilled in one human body, it is important that All that must be revealed through the one voice, the one body, be put into script, All that is spoken, so that millions of human beings of all ages, all backgrounds, all degrees of intellect will be able to read the Important Words, Directions that are necessary, for not just the Spiritual Part of human life, but the mental, the moral.

This Gift that so much has been delivered through is beyond human understanding, but nonetheless, It is a Gift beyond what the human mind would personally be able to do.

I will make this very short.  The reason I am making it short is because I am answering questions that We hear regarding This Gift that has been given to all of human life, to better understand that The Father is constantly aware, and constantly trying to give strength where it is needed, hope where it is needed, through the Soul of an individual, or individuals who need It to grow stronger spiritually, morally, and to help them better understand that through their Soul they have a communication as man, every moment of the day.

My Words will be short, but I know They will be important to certain individuals who will one day read Them, and better understand, more fully comprehend what a Closeness The Creator is to man.  So be it.”

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