ON FEBRUARY 20, 2002 AT 12:54 PM


“There are Several of Us present at this time.  We hold the little one tightly, because of the Power that Our Presence causes on her body.

The Father has given to the world a Gift Far Greater than the human mind can perceive It to be.  He uses one voice, one intellect, one source, to speak What He Wills to be delivered from Him, and from All The Saints Here in the Heavens.

What has thus far been delivered must travel throughout the world, and very soon.  Idolatry of all that is wrong is evident in every area of mankind’s life, practices, intentions, and decisions.  Man calls it ‘humanism’, acting as though the word ‘humanism’ can give more credence to what is occurring.

We hear some say, ‘All that has been delivered through one voice, is difficult to travel to other languages.’ This, of course, is excuse.  Excuse is prevalent throughout the world.  There are excuses for everything that is diabolical, everything that is practiced, thus ignoring The Commandments that were given a long time ago.  True, The Commandments were made more concise than They were given at another time, but so many excuses are being humanly justified, but not spiritually accepted or acceptable.

Men, women and children, most times in saying prayers, say them much faster, with very little meaning than they would be said if they were ordering something materialistic, humanistic.

The world has been Blessed with so much encouragement to see the Value of human life, the Importance of the Soul of human life, and of course, the reason for This Gift of The Father’s Love for human life, allowing so Many Here in the Heavens to instruct in logical formation, format, the importance of human behavior, and how it should be handled.

All ages are resisting and rejecting This Gift of Divine Love.  Excuses are boundless.  It is important that All that has thus far been delivered and will be delivered, be passed throughout the world, irregardless of whether They are acceptable or not, because it is important that you understand that at This Time in the History of human life, The Father, in His Love for this creation, the Importance of this creation because it bears a Portion of Him, wants human life to battle the enemy that is obviously present every hour of the day and night.

When children are corrected, there is very little explanation.  Also, there is very little understanding in all ages of human life that there is a Greater Source, Force, than what human beings understand life to be, and it is necessary that This Miracle of The Father’s Love, bearing the Name of The Holy Spirit of The Creator of All Things, be spread in every direction possible, because ‘daily’ the evil that exists is a greater distraction than anyone sees it to be.

I have used so much Power through a small body at this time, because the Warning is Important.  It is not a ‘suggestion’, and you who read this must understand the Words that are being easily thought about, saying, ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah,’ it is an excuse comparing the true picture of what is occurring.

Thousands of Words could be put into script on the Importance of human life, and the importance of human life understanding indepthly that responsibilities are multiple to this creation of The Father’s Love, because within this creation He has always, and continues to do it, and that is, to put a Portion of Himself, unseen, but obviously there.  The Word is ‘the Soul’.  Return It to Him in the Beauty and the Thanksgiving for which He entrusted It to you, for It to one day be able to be called ‘Saint’.”

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