ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2002 AT 12:52 PM


“The little one’s Words to you at this time are correct.  There are Many of Us present, because All of Us love This Gift of The Father’s Love for mankind.  Each Saint Who speaks treasures the time, helping all ages of human life to more fully understand what a Beautiful Gift of Divine Love human life is to each one born in this way, this manner, at all times.

It is sad when We see unhappiness.  Very often it is due to misunderstanding, misconceptions of either words or conditions that exist, dwelling on something that is not something to be happy about.

We hold the little one deeply, for to hear Us so many times takes a toll on the body and the mentality, far greater than the human mind can fully understand, of such a Great Gift from The Divine.

Each day We hear thousands of human beings, all ages, working, speaking and discussing what they would like to accomplish while they are still alive.  So many times one subject comes up and is pleasing to all concerned, but then doubt comes in and it is a sadness to hear when this happens.

You may ask why I am talking like this.  Basically, it is to help you more fully understand what a Precious Gift The Father’s Love for human life has given to human beings through This Miracle, wherein so Many of Us speak through one voice on multiple amounts of subjects, helping all ages to more fully understand that human life was created for a Goal Greater than the human mind can comprehend It to be.

All of Us want all ages to read the Words that are delivered through one voice, because it will awaken in many the real Reason for which human life was created, and that it has a Portion of The Creator within it, called ‘the Soul’.  No human being is born without It.  No human being could live without It.

Today as I speak, and Many are Here with Me, it is to encourage all ages to be grateful for the day, and all the time in the past, even if all things are not happiness or times of success.

I slow My Words down, because in speaking through one voice there are so Many Saints always present, many times adding to what the One Saint is speaking in a manner to be heard, for the Words to be put into script, hoping that thousands will read Them, and be encouraged by Them to use their human way of life for greater things; that is, to one day return the Soul, their Soul, to The Creator, and He will call It ‘a Saint’.

An animal has no future, a flower has no future; remember this, but human life has been gifted.  This was proven at the Time The Son of The Creator came to the earth, and so much was able to be written regarding the time He spent with The Heavenly Queen as His Mother, and The Beloved Saint Joseph as His Father.  You have since learned the Importance of All This.

As I close My Words today, I beseech you to be thankful for each day, and to remember that to be created a human being, you can one day be called ‘a Saint’.”

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