ON JUNE 14, 1999 AT 1:19 PM


“So many men, women and children, at this time throughout the world, practice emotionalism in their prayers or their association with The Divine.  It is an act based on humanistic values, ignoring the Fact that human life has a daily Association with The Divine, because of the Soul that each human being is the custodian of.

We hear many say, ‘When I pray, how do I know I am heard?’ Logic should tell an individual, because of the close Association of human life to God through the Soul, a Portion of The Creator, that never leaves once It is placed in the conception of a human life until The Father recalls It to be returned for one or more reasons:  one, to become ‘a Saint’; the other reason is that the Soul must be in a reparation state due to what the individual practiced in whom It was placed at the moment of the individual’s conception.

Many of Us are speaking These Words today, for Several of Us stand together.  It is important that human beings never lose sight of the Importance of human life, and its close Connection to the Giver of life, through a Portion of Living Matter that The Creator shares with each human being.

There are so many arguments by so-called ‘learned’ men and women on religious matters, practices, and the reason for Spiritual practices.  Many have read books on others’ interpretations, thus allowing themselves to interpret what they read in their own capacity, ability to understand what a Precious Gift human life is as man.

At this moment, if each living human being could read the Soul of another human being, plus read what their Soul registers in the Eyes of God, how many would believe?  Many would feel that it was their imagination, especially if they were displeased with the condition of their own Soul.

What I have spoken may be difficult for some to understand, but it is time that mankind realize that human life is a Special Creation of The Creator of All Things, and that human life has a Goal.  If mankind would but only rationalize how innate it is in human life to want to reach a higher goal on some subject matter, for some reason, purpose, need.  Does this not say it is instinctive in human life to want to reach success, a higher goal, more meaningful and more advantageous?

The world has been Blessed by so much Instruction, alerting human beings to facets of life they do not think about, because they have learned to depend upon definitions of others who are presumed to more fully understand what human life is all about.

It is important that children of all ages be reminded of The Commandments of God, but not in Their concise version; in Their full version in how They were delivered to ‘an individual’ at a given time. At this time The Commandments of God are so concise that They do not allow anyone to see the Great Purpose for Them, the Great Intention for which They were delivered, and also the extensive meaning of each one that is never spoken about, because mankind prefers to see things in an easy format rather than its full measure of meaning.

As I speak, I speak with Hope.  I speak with an intense desire for This Miracle of The Father’s Love to reach millions, if not billions of human beings, to awaken them to what a Treasured Gift human life has within it, because It has a Goal for It.  So be it.”

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