ON NOVEMBER 28, 2000 AT 12:58 PM


“Oftentimes there are Several of Us present when what is called a ‘Revelation’ is delivered through one small voice.

When she sees All of Us or becomes aware of so Many of Us present, she immediately asks: ‘Which One of You will speak?  I do not want to confuse this and say the wrong One.’ This, of course, is a pleasure to All of Us, because this little one The Father has chosen to repeat What He desires men, women and children to learn and to more fully understand the Importance of human life, and His Divine Plan for it.

In the Creation of the world, one thing was created at a time.  As each thing was added, it took a long time for its full requirements, because of the importance of each area that was planned to house the Souls of millions of human life.  As each step took place, it had an important factor in it, place, reason.  Granted, it took many centuries for the development of human life because of all that had to be before human life could exist in the proper way, and for the Ultimate Goal for which it was created.

Today there are Many of Us present, and the little one through whom We All speak is constantly conscious of the importance of Our Words that are to give purpose, strength, reason and goal for the Souls of millions of men, women and children born, or yet to be born.

Fanaticism on any subject is detrimental in many ways.  That is why it is so important that All that has been delivered by so Many Saints Here, directed by The Creator Himself, that All Words be seen for the reasonability in Them, the purpose for which They point to those who read Them, the Beauty, the Goal for the Soul that is a Gift at the moment of conception to each human being.

We hold the little one tightly, because as she sees so Many of Us present, she searches for Our Faces to identify Us.  We All smile at this, because This Gift of The Father’s Divine Love has a Purpose beyond what a human mind can fully understand.  It is difficult for the human mind to comprehend a Goal as Great as Sainthood for each one.

When The Father created human life in the beginning, He designed human life for a Special Purpose and Goal.  This Statement may be difficult for many to fully understand, but the reasonability of It is logical, and I add to this word ‘indepthly’ logical.

Human life has been gifted with This Miracle of Instruction, because without It so much diabolical jealousy was prevalent and becoming more so.  That is why it is so important that All that has been delivered be sent throughout the world, because It is needed for the Souls of millions of human beings who do not have the advantage of being close to where This Gift is delivered in such a Personal, Direct Way.

Children must be instructed on the Fact that they are a custodian of What is called ‘a Soul’.  It is a Gift of Divine Love that nothing else has, because It is a Portion of The Creator that allows human life to have an intellect, and the ability to reason beyond what any other living thing can reason; also, to understand that only an Exceptional Living Matter is in control of All Things, not humanly planned.

As We All leave you, it is important that All that has been delivered be sent to other lands.  Prayers are to go with Them, so there will be others who will be able to translate What has been delivered, because in translation millions of Souls in other lands will be able to share in the Beauty and the Divine Love of The Father’s Plan.

As I leave you, I beseech you:  never deny The Father His Will, because His Will is of the Utmost Importance regarding the Soul to be returned to Him Forever.  So be it.”

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