ON AUGUST 7, 2002 AT 12:30 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.

It is sad for Me to say that the time in which you live, the world of human beings does not, do not, are not, fully aware of the importance of All that was instructed at the Time The Son of The Creator walked the earth.  Granted, He spoke in a different manner, way, degree, on the Importance of human life, that if He were to speak now in the same way, it would be more understandable to thousands of people.  The value of Truth, the importance of Truth, is very important to the lives and the Souls of human life.

Children are not being instructed to the privilege it is for them to be born a human being.  Those in charge of children feel that the little ones would not understand the fullness, the greatness, the importance of their not being born at another time.

I am speaking differently through this little one today.  The exactness in All that is delivered is not always understood in Its full measure, reality or degree.  Human life is a Gift of Divine Love, because through the mentality of human life, an individual has the ability to learn so many important Facts regarding the Gift given to them at the moment of their conception to human life.

We All smile at this little one We use, because it is important to her that Every Word put into script, Every Word spoken, is totally The Father’s Will.

I will close now, but I will return.  It is important that every living human being be introduced to This Miracle of Divine Love that explains so much, and puts It into print so It can be remembered in content for the purpose It was given, thus allowing very few mistakes in understanding the Value of human life, and what a Precious Gift it is.

I close My Words and I say, ‘In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.  Amen.’”

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