ON SEPTEMBER 3, 2002 AT 1:06 PM


“I am Saint Anna Maria Goretti.  I have not spoken often through This Precious Gift The Father has given to the world of human life.  All of The Saints Here feel very strongly about This Gift that is able to give to so many millions of human beings, Words The Father Wills them to have.

In many ways, at this time, too few men, women and children are making reference to The Saints.  So much is based on humanism and humanistic ideals, thus ignoring the Goal for which human life was created, to return to The Father, That Portion of Him in each human being born; It’s called ‘a Soul’.

We hear some individuals say, ‘If I cannot see my Soul, is It a physical item of flesh, or is It a Spirit that The Father has designed that will give to our Souls much strength, and much communication at another time?’

Children are not being instructed in the slightest way, that to be born a human being is a Gift of Divine Love that has a Soul, bearing the name in whom It is placed, associating a particular Soul with the physical that was once the custodian of the Soul.  Without a Soul, human life would be like all other living matter or thing.  There would be no purpose, no goal, nothing to look forward to.

The Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, gives strength to the individual in whom It is placed at the moment of conception, but It also gives the rationalization that human life is truly designed for a Purpose, a Goal.

When We hear individuals imagine that other living things, such as a tree or an animal will live on, that is not so.  All other things were designed for a purpose to aid the human life in many ways.  Ask yourself:  If there was no such thing as a tree or a plant, do you realize that there are other things that you could not rely upon in the same way you do a tree or a plant?

I know I speak differently, but it is important, because This Gift The Father has given to the world of human beings, is to help them more fully understand that human life was created different than all other things created, and that in Divine Plan, The Father created human life with so many things that The Father has:  mentality, understanding; the amount is endless.  So please, as you read These Words, thank The Father for giving you the privilege to be born with the Gifts of Divine Love that will one day be represented by your Soul in Heaven.

Millions and millions of Words could be spoken on this Magnificent Gift of Divine Love, and The Father, in His Love, at this time is allowing so much emphasis to be put into script.  In some ways, it can be described as just a hint of what a Precious Gift human life is, and what a Precious Gift the Soul is, because the Soul is to remain with The Father according to His Plan.”

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