ON SEPTEMBER 25, 2002 AT 12:28 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.

The Blessing The Father has given to human beings of all ages, is beyond what We find understandable:  to so many who hear about This Blessing and do not see the Greatness in It.

When one man, woman or child does something to please someone else, there is always much thanks; many times, much happiness because of the thoughtfulness that is obvious.

I speak like this because it is important that This Gift of Divine Love, wherein The Father has allowed so Many Saints Here in the Heavens to address subject matter in a very informative, loving, caring way, to help thousands, even perhaps millions of human beings of all ages, to more fully understand what a Blessing it is to be born a human being, and that it has a Goal that is Far Superior to any goal that the human way is accustomed to.

So Many Saints Here in the Heavens plead daily to awaken the minds, the intentions, the understanding, that all men, women and children should begin to see that The Father, in His Love for human life, has given to the world through Many Saints Here, but first by Himself, so much to be thought about regarding the Importance of why human life was created, and the Beauty of the Goal for which The Father Wills it to reach.

Think about this:  It is innate in human life to want to be successful, to want to reach goals, sometimes goals that mean very little to the personal needs or the monetary means of an individual’s way of life; but to think, to practice, and to utilize all that is logical and all that pertains to the Goal for which human life was created, most times takes less effort than anything pertaining to the humanistic value or consideration of a human being.

To become ‘a Saint’ is not impossible, because The Father Wills it to be, and the individual who strives to reach the Goal, is never asked for an impossibility to occur, or be a part of.  All it takes is giving one’s conscience, attention, habits, and Gifts of understanding that to become ‘a Saint’ is a Blessing beyond anything monetary that a human being could receive.

As I speak today, I speak with much Love for human life, because as All of Us Saints Will to do The Father’s Will, the most important thing is that We, in Our Way, reach others with the understanding that they were created for a High Goal, the Highest Goal anyone can reach, and that is to return to The Father, a Saint.

One small voice is used.  The importance is that What is heard, and What is put into script, be seen for ‘from Where It comes’, and that is from The Heavenly One that you call ‘God’.  Remember this.”

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