ON SEPTEMBER 26, 2002 AT 12:34 PM


“There are Many of Us present, because it is so important that those who live at this time in the human way, must understand the Importance of human life, and how The Father has planned the Goal for it, because of His Love that He instills in each child born the human way.

There are so many individuals of all denominations of Faith, all ages, who instinctively ignore the Importance of human life, not accepting or wanting to accept the responsibilities for the Goal for which human life was and is created.  So many children are not learning what is expected of them, because there are too many in charge of them who do not see the value in being born a human being.

Today as I speak, there are Many Here with Me.  All that is delivered verbally and put into script in This Gift of The Father’s Divine Love for human life, must awaken to the Fact that there is a Goal for a Portion of human life that is basically logical to understand that It exists in every human being born.

It is a sadness when We hear indifference to what is good over what is evil, what is moral over what is immoral, what is truth over what is untruth, in the daily lives of millions of human beings.  We hear so many openly say: ‘Ignore the conscience you feel; accept what is occurring in what you feel is good for you, or good for the situation at hand,’ thus not looking at the importance or the purity of the proposed act or action.

Children are not being instructed properly.  There is too much freedom, thus ignoring what a child can become ignorant to:  the fact that he or she is sinning in many ways, because of the impurities that have been ignored by those in charge.  We hear so many excuses that are diabolical in character, nature and value.

As I speak to you today, there are Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds of Saints, too numerous to mention, All wanting human beings of all ages to understand that there is a Precious Gift of Divine Love, Divine Plan, in everyone born the human way.

I must add to this though, all things created have a purpose, and each one is for a particular aid to helping human life understand the Magnitude of Divine Plan, giving to human life many creations of different things, different living things, that make a human being more fully understand that human life is the ultimate in mentality, and has the Ultimate Goal above all other living matter or thing.

Without these other things, human beings would not see the differences in the reasonability of how The Father used so many other creations, allowing human life to more fully understand that they have the ability to one day return to The Father a Portion He gave at the moment of conception, called ‘the Soul’.

Millions of Words could be spoken on this important subject, because of the Importance of human life’s place, Reason for it, that The Father created for a Special Goal.

I could speak endlessly, but I beseech those who print the Words and those who read the Words, to understand human life is a God-given Gift that is to be returned to The Father through the Soul that each human being is created with.”

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