ON MAY 29, 2003 AT 12:42 PM


The Saint is smiling because I am saying “Saint Catherine Laboure?” and She says, “Yes.”

“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.  The world has been Blessed abundantly, in more ways than the human minds can perceive it to be.  Children have been Blessed beyond what those in charge of them can see.

These Words may seem difficult for you to understand, but They are Words of Truth, because oftentimes when men, women and children are subjected physically, morally, verbally, to so many ways of and manners of impurities, they grow through fighting what is wrong, wanting what is right, pure, just, and truthful.  Eventually, the beauty of what is pleasing to The Father shows.  The enemy of all there is, and all who live, is oftentimes subjected to what is spiritually sound in every facet of it, thus diminishing the role the enemy can use.

My Words are different, but I feel that it is important for human beings of all ages to not lose sight, not lose their innate understanding that though there is much evil present, there is also a Tremendous Force of Purity from Heaven.

My Words are different, but They are Words of great value to many individuals who oftentimes do not see things from both sides.  They become so involved in what is called a ‘mood’, a ‘mode’ of attack or impurities, that they ignore that within them, their Souls are fighting for them to be able to see, to understand that The Father, in His Love for human life, uses Many Here in the Heavens to fight the evil off firsthand.

I will close My Words, because volumes could be written on this subject, but what has thus far been spoken is to give strength and hope, but also, understanding that The Heavenly King, The Creator of All Things, is always ready to protect when there is the least request for protection.  Remember this.”

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