ON OCTOBER 29, 1980 AT 9:30 AM


“Men look for signals.  Men say, ‘This is the way I understand things.’ When the signal arises on the horizon or in the vision of man, men look at the signal, and if they do not feel a tenseness, an alert, they ignore the signal.

This Great Miracle that I have sent to the world is a Signal to mankind for men to better understand the Purpose of human life, directed by The Divine.

I am The Father of all mankind.  I am The Creator of All Things.  I say to the world, ‘Look to the Miracle of Mine, and as you do, be assured that All Things that pass through It are of Mine.  All Things delivered to you from It are because of My Will for you.’

Children say I would not speak.  I say, ‘I speak through a woman in the world who is subject to Me for all mankind.’ It is difficult to walk for Me upon the earth for men say it cannot be, it shouldn’t be, that I would do differently.  But I, your Father, speak and I say, ‘This Miracle has given man a Signal:  a Signal to think from, by; a Signal, an Alert to see the advantage of walking in a particular way upon the earth.’

I, your Father, shout to the world through a mere woman in the world, to change things to purity, to be alert to the need for sound morality, for My enemy, the enemy of man, is working to destroy the Souls of man.

Through This Great Miracle, I, The Father, am teaching men how to walk in the manner I Decree must be, how to perform in what My Will says must be.  I give to the world a Signal.  I give to the world the advantage of My Direction at This Time, for men to follow the Words of The Divine.

Men say, ‘I read a book.’ Men say, ‘I understand this book; I know that He talked and walked before.’ I, your Father, say: ‘I am upon the world.  I am upon the earth and I am using an instrument to give to mankind Words of Great Worth, Knowledge, that will give them Strength, Hope and Goal.’  So be it.”

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