ON AUGUST 21, 2004 AT 11:10 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I could speak continuously through this little one because of the sincerity and desire to please What I Will others to know.  I have Blessed the whole world through This Gift, wanting What I dictate to be spread, even through other languages for those who do not speak the language you speak.

Many children throughout the world are not being instructed on Who I Am, What I Am, Where I Am.  Too many so-called ‘knowledgeable adults’ ignore speaking about Me.  Humanism is the main point for them to be acted in.

So much could be spoken on the importance of not committing sin because of the Soul that is within every human being created.  This subject is oftentimes ignored.

I will not speak long, but I want to say one more thing:  This Gift of My Divine Love, giving to the world of human lives Information, helping them to realize that in My Love for human life I have given to it a Goal.  If I had not given a Goal, this sensitive desire in human beings would not register so many times, desiring a goal that ensures human life in many areas of how they exist, and how they understand that having a goal is a Gift greater for the Soul than if there was no Goal to think about for a Future with Me.

I speak differently, I know, but My Words are lovingly given to give Hope to human beings throughout the world.”

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