ON AUGUST 24, 2004 AT 11:46 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Each time a human being speaks to Me, whether it is in a conversational way or through formal words of prayers, I listen intently, because I do not want any communication with a human being to not understand that the Soul that I have placed into it at the moment of conception, is My Communication with the human mentality, understanding, desire, that is obviously there, because I want each human being to understand that I am always in communication with their Soul, and how they pray for Spiritual Grace, because prayer was given to human life as a means of understandability that prayer would alert Me to what was being thought, spoken, requested, or a natural communication of calling on My Divine Love for attention.

As I speak These Words and They are put into print, many may find it difficult to believe or understand what a consistent, constant Communication I have with the mentality of the Souls of every living human being.

I smile when I say My next Words: The little one I use to communicate, thought I was going to say ‘man’ at one point, and not ‘human beings’.  I smile so deeply at this, for the little one is consistently and constantly aware of Everything I pass through her for the sake of the Souls, and for the strength in the human way to fully understand My Closeness to every human being is every moment of every day.

As I close My Words, I must add:  I bless those who trust in This Gift of My Divine Plan, because It is a Gift that is easy to understand.  It can be compared to human life with a human goal that has an opportunity in the goal to grow, either mentally, or socially, or physically, or hopefully.

I bless those who take the Words and I bless those who will read the Words, and I smile and say, ‘It is My Love for human life that has given to the world This Gift that bears so much Personal Communication.’”

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