ON AUGUST 26, 2004 AT 11:45 AM


“I am The Heavenly Father.

As I speak My Words at this time, They are mainly to make you aware that the human mentality oftentimes discerns an important fact, in interpretation of it, by ignoring what the conditions connected to are representative of.

Children, in the learning stage of their language, very often question when they hear the word, what it means.  I smile when I say this, because a child very often wants the facts so they do not make a mistake on or in what they are expected to do or participate in.

I speak These Words because so little is understood in the meaning of words, even though they are listed in books describing what they mean.

Today as I speak, I speak It for My Reason for all who read the Words I speak, I put into script.

At one time in the so-called ‘beginning’ of Christianity, nothing, or very little was put into script.  Over time, I allowed What I Willed for all of human life to more fully understand regarding My Existence and My Association with human life.

Today, so much is able to be read, able to be learned about the importance of how human life is to think, to speak, and to follow what is pure mentally, physically, psychologically.

So few lives regard The Commandments I gave for them to follow daily, not just when they thought about Them.

In My Love, My Reason, My Purpose for the Creation of human life, I used every facet openly, and not just for a few individuals, but for all who would be created in this station of life, because every human being born is endowed with Something of Me, and several abilities capable of being able to uphold the dignity I Willed and I Will for human beings to see as rational, dignified and necessary to be able to one day return to Me a Portion of them.  That Portion is their Soul that I created in giving to them a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am, thus instilling into human life a Gift of My Divine Love.  Remember this.”

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